Woodford County

Farmers and Breeders



Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Cazenovia Clayton Cruger El Paso
Eureka Greene Kansas Linn
Metamora Minonk Montgomery Olio
Palestine Panola Partridge Roanoke
Spring Bay Worth    


Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Abel Fred Ellsworth Anna Cazenovia Sec 33 T320a Fanton, Esther Mrs. 1895
Abbott C.S. Ruvenacht Laura Panola Sec 3 T200a Ruvenacht, John 1907
Ackerman C.R. Ackerman Rebecca El Paso Sec 36 T80a Ackerman, W.T. 1871
Ackerman R.L. Skiles Elsie May Palestine Sec 35 O140a   1873
Adami Benj. Davis Florence Cazenovia Sec 4 T120a Davis, Henry 1913
Adami Ora R.     Cazenovia Sec 4 T200a Adami, Victor 1895
Adami Ralph Roberts Angie Cazenovia Sec 4 T240a Adami, Victor 1895
Adami Victor Laible Carrie Cazenovia Sec 9 O460a   1890
Adams Albert Kissewetter Mary Partridge Sec 34 T160a Sacy, J. R. 1896
Adams Wendel Fandel Janna Worth Sec 18 O150a   1896
Aeschleman Ed Blunier Sarah Roanoke Sec 23 O20a, T80a Aeschleman, Matt 1874
Aeschleman Matt Fisk Mary Roanoke Sec 14 O123a   1865
Aeschleman Noah Fauber Anna Roanoke Sec 35   Huntzinger, Anna 1880
Aeschleman Wm. Steffen Martha Roanoke Sec 14 T100a Aeschleman, Matt 1881
Aeschliman David Zeiger Anna Greene Sec 31 O160a   1879
Aeschliman Joe Gunther Dina Greene Sec 22 T160a Aeschliman, Peter 1873
Aeschliman Peter P.     Greene Sec 31 O800a   1855
Aeschliman T.H. Pagel Bertha Greene Sec 4 O40a, T160a Aeschliman, Peter 1871
Agnew And. Blackmore Hattie Panola Sec 26 O120a, T80a Blackmore, Albert 1905
Ahrens Ferdinand Schwartz Lena Worth Sec 1 O341a   1895
Ahrens Wilke Tjaden Minnie Linn Sec 9 O280a, T80a Tjaden, Ed and Lon 1887
Alexander Bradley Foster Della Montgomery Sec 8 T125a Robinson Est. 1907
Alexander Ed Baker Gusty Montgomery Sec 8 T150a Robinson Est. 1902
Alig George U. Noel Maggie Worth Sec 16 T160a Alig, Jake 1887
Alig Jacob     Worth   O173a   1847
Alig John Schwenk Mary Worth Sec 15 O86a   1850
Alig John M. Bauer Julia Worth Sec 9 O140a   1870
Alig Mike Fandel Gertrude Worth Sec 9 T160a Alig, Mary 1879
Allen David Young Fannie Kansas Sec 17 O10a   1878
Allen Wesley Walsh Mayme El Paso Sec 31 T10a Dixon, E.E. 1915
Alt John, Sr Salate Louisa Panola Sec 23 O260a   1873
Alt John, Jr May Anna Panola Sec 23 T160a Robinson, Geo. 1883
Altshue Mary     Montgomery Sec 18 O1 1/2a   1899
Alvis Will Johnson Ruth Kansas Sec 7 T135a Umbarger, Thomas 1914
Ambrose W.H. McKinney Mary Greene Sec 34 T167a Iheen, Newton 1910
Amsbary William S. Ernst Freida Montgomery Sec 22 O100a   1913
Andrews J.G. Rucker Maude L. Minonk Sec 23 O40a, T80s Andrews, James 1884
Angst Joseph Sanmann Hulda Worth Sec 34 O120a, T80a   1870
Apel Addie Attig   Worth Sec 23 T278a Winkler, Katherine 1870
Armstrong Aaron Reel Eva R. Greene Sec 30 T120a Armstrong, Miles 1879
Armstrong Arthur and Guy     Palestine Sec 17 T240a Knoll, Chris 1884
Armstrong Chas. E. Sutton Martha J. El Paso Sec 7 O200a, T80a   1897
Armstrong Clark Nethecott Irene Panola Sec 14 T120a Armstrong, Chas. 1897
Armstrong Festus Smith Emma Greene Sec 33 O80a   1862
Armstrong Frank R. Shaffer May Palestine Sec10 T160a Ludenson, A. 1897
Armstrong Guy Nichols Lillian El Paso Sec 17 O200a, T320a   1883
Armstrong Jesse J. Ekiss Mertle Palestine Sec11 T80a Brubaker, Ben 1884
Armstrong J.H. Micheal Mary Greene Sec 27 O80a   1856
Armstrong Steve Yordy Leah Palestine Sec 25 T160a Hexamer, Dan 1886
Armstrong William H. Wood Anna Greene Sec 28 O173a   1866
Armstrong W.J.     Palestine Sec 6 T83a Armstrong, Mrs P. Est. 1863
Arnold A. Aust Emma Partridge Sec 24 T440a Banta Bros. 1914
Arnold G.D. Reich Amie P. Kansas Sec 16 T80a Arnold, J.W. Est. 1885
Arnold Joseph Sparks Emeline El Paso Sec 31 T80a Sadler, L. 1910
Arnold Zimmer Adams Lillie Olio Sec 21 T160a Wertz, C.F. 1916
Arrowsmith Geo. Retter Mollie Linn Sec 12 T200a Arrowsmith, Helen Mrs 1881
Attig George U. Ramige Julia Metamora Sec 7 O300a   1857
Attig Reuben J. Bohlander Lydia Metamora Sec 7 T160a Attig, George 1888
Auliker Levi Martin Della Olio Sec 14 T160a Martin, John 1917
Austin Joe Khols Kate Clayton Sec 8      
Ayers W.R. Hutchens Helen Olio Sec 15 T160a Householter, Debold 1866
Baber Ed Smith Bertha Palestine Sec 29   Thatcher, Chas. 1876
Bach John A. Kuntz Salina P. Olio Sec 19 T308a Switzer, John 1902
Bachman Arthur R. Sutter Ida Cazenovia Sec 36 T200a Bachman, Peter 1892
Bachman A.J.      Roanoke Sec 18 O260a   1867
Bachman A.S. Smith Lydia Olio Sec 2 T160a Bachman, John 1883
Bachman David Springer Fannie Roanoke Sec 7,18 O80a, T160a Marshall, E. 1881
Bachman Henry Bryan Sylvia Roanoke Sec 7 T80a Bachman, Jno.,Lena and Studer, Emma 1917
Bachman John Bachman Mary Cazenovia Sec 36 T200a Bachman, Chris and Bittner, Cleo 1889
Bachman J.A. Schertz Lena Cazenovia Sec 35 O160a   1869
Bachman J.C. Studer Katie Metamora Sec 2 O191a   1870
Bachman J.H. Bachman Louisa Linn Sec 31 T208a Bachman, Peter and Segar Mrs 1890
Bachman J.J.     Metamora Sec 11 O160a, T80a Bittner, Cleo 1865
Bachman Magdalena     Roanoke Sec 8 O120a      1867
Bachman Peter   Dellenbach Lizzie Cazenovia Sec 35 O20a        1863
Bachman Peter B. Ulrich Lizzie Metamora Sec 19 O220a   1871
Bachman P.S. Wehrli Lena Roanoke Sec 7 T180a Marshall, A.F. 1885
Bachman Sam Good Barbara Metamora Sec 1 O160a   1862
Bachman Soloman Crawford Emma Cazenovia Sec 35 T160a Bachman, Christ 1894
Backer Bert Redenius Anna Clayton Sec 31 T130a Backer, Jacob H. 1890
Backer Jacob S., Jr. Brandt Katie Clayton Sec 31 T130a Backer, Jacob Sr 1887
Baggs Otis Schneider Kate Partridge Sec 36 O96a   1867
Bailey Chas.   Miller Mary Panola Sec 27 T200a Bailey, Emma 1875
Baker Albert Mool Gladys Panola   T80a Pitman, Susan 1890
Baker Amanda     Partridge Sec 3 O100a   1848
Baker Charles Schneider Amanda Metamora Sec 6 O160a   1883
Baker Charles Schneider Amanda Worth Sec 1 T90a Schneider, Peter 1883
Baker Fred L. Schneider Louisa Cazenovia Sec 31 T173a Baker, F.L. and Edwards, E.D. 1883
Baker  Mary     Partridge Sec 3 O100a   1843
Bane A. Wilbur Elliott Emma Minonk Sec 1  T160a Bane Est.  
Banta John L. McFarlin Rosa Cazenovia Sec 22 T37a Banta, Jno. 1865
Barber Harry Vandever Dora Minonk Sec 3 T240a Wiley, Lena Mrs 1911
Barclay Squire     Spring Bay Sec 22 T80a Swinn Bros. 1897
Baringer Ralph L. Burrough Lulu F. Panola Sec 32   Baringer, S.C. 1863
Barlett Charles B. Dennis Rosa Kansas Sec 19 T10a Carlock Est. 1902
Barth Charles Gerner Sophia Clayton Sec 16 O160a   1877
Barth Daniel Gerner Mary Clayton Sec 3 O160a   1870
Barth Ed Timmerman Lizzie Clayton Sec 10 T260a Barth Est. 1888
Barth Henry Kerner Christina Clayton Sec 7 O200a   1868
Barth Robert M. Barth Katie (sister) Clayton Sec 10 T260a Barth Est. 1889
Barth William Gerner Caroline Clayton Sec 2 O120a   1874
Bastian Henry Klug Lillie Elizabeth Metamora Sec 18 O40a   1880
Bateman C.C. Potter Lucy Kansas Sec 5 T560a W.N. Bateman Est. 1860
Bateman James D. Cruise Della Kansas Sec 9 T60a W.N. Bateman Est. 1875
Bateman Louisa Mrs     Kansas Sec 9 T960a W.N. Bateman Est. 1898
Bates Charles Tucker Rose Clayton Sec 6 T120a Bates Est. 1869
Bauchman Lena     Worth Sec 27 T80a Greiner, Louisie Mrs 1898
Baughman L.A. Carrigan Kathryn Panola Sec 3 T200a Baughman, J.W. Mrs 1914
Baum Chas. Helfly Anna Olio Sec 11 O160a    
Bauman Christof Bauman Fannie (sister) Greene Sec 9 T160a Mennen, Harm 1896
Bauman Frank L. Kettwich Lena Minonk Sec 13 O160a   1869
Bauman John Anasmink Christine Greene Sec 9 O159a   1885
Beal Frank Fulfs Mattie Minonk Sec 3 T240a Beal, Mrs and Goodrich, F.W. 1874
Beale Irvin Herr Elena Panola Sec 29 O471a   1875
Beavers Ross Seward Laura Partridge Sec 15 T200a Hunter, Emily 1885
Bechtel Benj. Oonnen Mattie Olio Sec 3 O170a   1881
Bechtel Emma     Olio Sec 3 O200a   1870
Bechtel Hannah Mrs     Olio Sec 9 O160a   1876
Bechtel Levi Carney Ruth Olio Sec 3 T188a Bechtel, Emma 1889
Bechtel Samuel Kuntz Mary Olio Sec 5 O807a   1867
Beck H.F.     Palestine Sec 12 O160a   1881
Beck Mary     Palestine Sec 12 O60a   1881
Becker Fred Morry Mary Worth Sec 10 O3a   1908
Beenders Frank Woltzen Cora Linn Sec 36 T220a Beenders Est. 1885
Beer William Gehring Molly Roanoke Sec 10 O160a   1878
Behrens Dirk     Greene Sec 9 O200a   1890
Bell J.E. Alvis Kathrene Kansas Sec 16 O40a   1887
Bell Roy C. Roth Mabel Panola Sec 4 T160a Bell, Geo. F. 1894
Bell Thomas Moore Mary F. Kansas Sec 17 O107a   1885
Bell W.M. Redenius Dena Clayton Sec 18 T80a Redenius, T. 1878
Bellsley David Martin Mary Metamora Sec 31 T200a Bellsley, Samuel 1894
Belsley Samuel Garber Anna Roanoke Sec 21 O160a   1861
Belsly H.B. Wagner Maud  Worth Sec 26 T205a Belsly, Joseph 1885
Belsly L.E. Wolpert Mae Worth Sec 5 T140a Belsly, Joe 1892
Belsly Maurice Goehring Maggie Worth Sec 5 T290a Belsly, Joe 1888
Bender Mainrod Voltz Bregetta Worth Sec 32 O16a   1877
Benjamin W.W. Kinsman Minnie Worth Sec 13 O160a   1916
Bennington Joseph H. Moulton Stella E. Partridge Sec 14 O437a   1914
Benson E.T. Crusius Emma Palestine Sec 35 T212a Crusius, Jno.  
Bentfeld Frank Shields Elizabeth Greene Sec 2 T120a Vogel, A. and Wilcox, Fred 1887
Bents Henry Dirks Minnie Olio Sec 11 T400a Ludeman, A. and Schertz, Chris 1894
Beoughter James K. Brown Mattie Palestine Sec 27 T165a Hart, M.A. Mrs 1915
Berg Walter     El Paso Sec 13 O120a, T80a   1882
Berknar W. Myer Lena Worth Sec 29 O29a   1913
Bernhardy Peter Kenyon Stella   Greene Sec 12     1917
Berry E.R. Kellogg Jennie Cazenovia Sec 34 T208a Tanton, Frank 1898
Berry T.S. Smithpeters Flora Panola Sec 8     1917
Beschorner Robt. Held Nellie Linn Sec 18 T120a Held, Jno. 1882
Besett O.C. Phillips Dora Panola Sec 3 T120a Phillips, Elmyra Mrs 1913
Beull Vincent Strickland Susan Panola Sec 32 T75a Strickland, James Mrs 1871
Bevers Elizabeth     Partridge Sec 22 O180a   1868
Bigger Emory Walston Grace Palestine Sec 3 T100a Hester, L.L. 1912
Bigger Judson Greiner Nellie K. El Paso Sec 21 O160a   1895
Bill Ben   Wyss Emma Greene Sec 10     1915
Bingner Harry E. Curtain Nellie Kansas Sec 1 T80a Stevens, Andy 1872
Bishel Hubert Todden Dora Partridge Sec 32 T250a Schneider, Ellen 1874
Bishop Henry May Emma Clayton Sec 16 T80a May, Gustav 1914
Bittner Bros.     Olivia, Anna Metamora Sec 26 T488a Bittner, C.F. 1892
Bittner    C.F. Marten Elizabeth Metamora Sec 25-26 O488a   1861
Bittner John Smith Lidia Metamora Sec 26 O160a   1866
Bixby Frank L.     Linn Sec 14 T80a Bixby, Frank L. and Jennie 1868
Black Isaac Hopwood Lilly Linn Sec 8 O160a   1863
Black John H. Kerner Idella Linn Sec 9 O80a   1877
Black Mary         Cazenovia Sec 4 O119a   1860
Black S.J. Black  Jennie Linn Sec 6 O120a   1865
Blackmore Albert Pinkham Ida Panola Sec 23 O105a   1861
Blanchard Charles Dillard Blanche Olio Sec 28 T150a Blanchard, W.H. 1892
Blanchet Eugene Miles Catherine Linn Sec 17 T160a Fagot Est. 1917
Block Henry Schneider Carrie Minonk   T200a Fort Est. 1898
Blumb Joseph Lehew Jennie El Paso Sec 13 T320a Zerwick, Geo. 1906
Blumenshine W.P. Vaubel Lydia Cruger Sec 15 O160a   1876
Blunier Casper Minger Louisa Roanoke Sec 20 O240a   1862
Blunier Elmer Sutter Margaret Roanoke Sec 17 T80a Schirer, C. 1892
Blunier Peter R. Garber Leah Roanoke Sec 16 O80 a   1862
Blunier S.A. Wuethrich Dena Roanoke Sec 28 T80a Gerber, Mary 1884
Bockler Charles Miller Gertrude Spring Bay Sec 36 O30a   1869
Bodinus Helmen Knappe Marguerite Partridge Sec 29 O160a   1884
Bodmer Jacob Bodmer Louise (sister) Roanoke Sec 36 T160a Belshey, B.C. 1895
Boeschen E. Oscar Jannsen Ella Linn Sec 15 T160a Deering, Jno. 1917
Bogardus William Baber Dolly Olio Sec 14 T380a Phillips, C.J. 1902
Bohlander Fred Attig May Metamora Sec 7  O150a   1879
Bohlander Jess  Schwartz Ida Partridge Sec36 O120a   1883
Bohlander John Wagner Mary Partridge Sec 25 O308a   1852
Bohlander Michael Ioerger Mabel Greene Sec 11 T280a Bohlander, Ben 1890
Bohle Otto Rohmann Clara Worth Sec 12 O157a   1902
Bohlen Frank Minnebeck Minnie Minonk Sec 20 O2a   1885
Boller Conrad     Greene Sec 21 T240a Boller, C. and Miller, C.E. 1884
Bolz Andrew Valentine Anna El Paso Sec 7 O160a   1868
Bomgarden Enno Fink Katie Panola Sec 24 T80a Bomgarden, Geo. 1884
Bonar Chas. C. Metcalf Teressa Greene Sec 13 O169a   1872
Bonham William Mercer Anna Worth Sec 13 T360a Barnes, Charles 1910
Bonk Mrs Lena     Minonk Sec 25 T160a Rapp, Mary Mrs 1878
Boston Mrs Elizabeth     Minonk Sec 18 O18a   1872
Boston Fred Brant Mame Minonk Sec 27 O80a   1877
Bowald Henry Belsley Emma Roanoke Sec 26 T80a Belsley, S.  
Bowald John Hodel Carrie Metamora Sec 14 T100a Hodel, Peter 1908
Boyd Robt., Sr Munnis Eliza J. El Paso Sec 5 O10a   1903
Boyd R.S. Holt Anna Panola Sec 9 T200a McBride, A. and Miller, C.S. 1865
Boys Mrs R.J.     Metamora Sec 4 T270a Boys Est. 1865
Boyunga Boye L. Quithammer Annie Linn Sec 10 O200s   1887
Bozarth G.S. Downs Belle Kansas Sec 21 O40a   1912
Boze James E.     Olio Sec 10     1917
Bradel David Wright Eliza Olio Sec 28 O150a   1853
Bradle C.D. Vogelsang Bertha Cruger Sec 23 T160a Miller, Jacob Mrs 1878
Bradle D.J. Frerichs Theresa Cruger Sec 23 O116a, T80a Bradle, John 1884
Bradle Edward Atterberry Myrtle Olio Sec 14 T80a Bradle, Fred 1890
Bradle Frank Fever Maud Olio Sec 22 T260a Ward Est. 1876
Bradle Fred Barreman Fannie Olio Sec 28 T51a Harter, Daniel 1849
Bradle J.W. Wuethrich Katie Olio Sec 21 O100a   1875
Brandt Christof Follmers Katie Cazenovia Sec 4 O80a   1894
Brandt These Hamil Elizabeth Linn Sec 7      
Brantingan M.A.     Spring Bay Sec 35 O200a   1904
Bratt Thos. H. Jury Lulu   Linn Sec 17 O320a   1887
Braun D.E. Gifford Amy Cazenovia Sec 4 T120a Braun, Martha E. 1875
Braun George   Black Bell   Partridge Sec 2 O140a   1877
Braun L.A. Clark Elsie May Cazenovia Sec 22     1872
Braun Theodore Iron Celia Cazenovia Sec 18 O316a   1864
Breach T.J. Shoup Alice Kansas Sec 6 T248a Weldon, John 1905
Breen Johanna Mrs     Minonk Sec 29 T182a Breen, M. Est. 1871
Breese Arthur W. Frey Matilda Panola Sec 11 T200a Horner, Mary Mrs, Shaw Jas. Mrs and Shaw, Will  1912
Breese J.E. Berger Tessie Palestine Sec 35 T280a Van Seyl, Jno. 1895
Brenders Albert Rahmeyer Rena Roanoke Sec 1 T160a Kaufman Alvin and Peters, Mrs 1878
Brickner A.W. Ekiss Nellie J. El Paso Sec 6 T80a North, John 1896
Bright Kevey Cox Sallie El Paso Sec 17   Armstrong, Guy 1917
Bright W.F. Enox Ocia Palestine Sec 26   Benson, E.T. 1917
Brockling A.J.  McDonald Elizabeth Clayton Sec 26 T160a Brockling Est. 1890
Breoers Fred Peters Edena Minonk Sec 21 T160a Broers, F.J. 1876
Brown E.E. Hitch Ellen J. Palestine Sec 12 T80a Wolfe, C. 1912
Brown G.S. Stephens Emma Kansas Sec 10 O40, T169a Brown, Mary Mrs 1883
Brown Harry Crumley Daisy Partridge Sec 15 T1 1/2a Hunter, Emmie 1900
Brown Irus Crawford Fannie Olio Sec 20 T320a Barrett, Ike 1873
Brown J.W. Brown Ella and Maggie (housekeepers) Palestine Sec 24 O229a   1867
Bryant E.R. Nordy Laura Greene Sec 6 O40a, T60a Bryant, R.C. 1887
Bucher Ed. Hodel Anna Olio Sec 10 T80a Hodel, John Mrs 1891
Bucher Elizabeth Ludwig Theda Roanoke   T160a Belsley, Peter 1889
Bucher Geo. Mrs   Leah Roanoke Sec 29 T80a Grueder, E.  
Bucher H. Mrs     Roanoke Sec 3 O160a   1860
Buck Edward Burnell Katie Eureka     Hallam, Geo. 1888
Buckingham J.H. Harper Bertha Cazenovia Sec 16 T200a Buckingham, Morgan 1890
Buckingham Wiliam Glover Mae Cazenovia Sec 16 T330a Buckingham, Morgan 1881
Bucklear Joseph, Sr Haas Katherine Clayton Sec 14 O120a   1862
Bucklear J.C., Jr Kelly Elizabeth Clayton Sec 14 T120a Bucklear, Joseph 1889
Buettemeier Fred Tjaden Jane Linn Sec 25 T160a Tjaden, H.J. Mrs 1899
Buettemeier Louis Warnkes Emma Clayton Sec 31 T160a Eckhart Est. 1902
Builta Albert Stevens Lilla Montgomery Sec 1 O140a   1901
Bulkely Roxanna     Minonk Sec 9 O80a   1860
Bullock C.Q. Brooks Ida Panola Sec 31 T303a Bullock, W.M.  
Burnell Wm. Cook Irene Cazenovia Sec 2   Moschel, John H. 1900
Burnham H.E. Owen Minnie B. Cazenovia Sec 1 O5a   1868
Burroughs C.R. Stotler Mabel E. Panola Sec 28 T255a Burroughs, W.S. 1885
Burroughs Geo. McCarney Ida Mae Panola Sec 34 T400a Burroughs, W.S. 1880
Burroughs W.S. Pinkham Elizabeth Panola Sec 28 O105a   1874
Burtis John C. Perry Clara El Paso Sec 8 O38a   1869
Burzio Charlie Arbora Victoria Minonk Sec 13 T160a Stoddard, B.M. 1909
Burzio John Arbora Virginia Minonk Sec 18 T74a Kenyon, Miss 1910
Buss L.H.     Panola Sec 20 T132a Buss, Hilda and L.H. 1886
Buzzard A.L. Shoemaker Cora Worth Sec 36 T140a Schertz, Peter 1916
Bye Albert Jones Zelda         1916
Byrd J. Thomas Burger Grace Palestine Sec 31 O116a, T80a   1897
Cabal Wm. Gollon Lizzie Minonk Sec 19     1892
Cackling Jos. Cackling Huldah Greene Sec 26 T160a Ray, Byron 1912
Call David Owen Mary Cazenovia Sec 32 T220a Ranney, M. 1887
Camp C.W. Gringrich Delia Metamora Sec 16 O113a   1869
Camp John J. Schertz Anna E. Roanoke Sec 18 O200a   1901
Camp Mary A. Mrs     Roanoke Sec 17 O120a   1847
Camp S.D. Camp Anna (sister) Metamora Sec 21 O133a, T80a Camp Est. 1878
Campbell Robert M. Morgan Jennie Olio Sec 20 T180a Barrett, Robt. 1909
Campen Ralph Hinrichs Jenny Clayton Sec 20 T80a Shuck, Geo. 1912
Cannon Lester Fairbanks Mildred Panola Sec 11   Breese, A.W. 1916
Canull Lawrence Canfield Esther El Paso Sec 13   Berg, W. 1915
Capron Ryland Payne Addie Metamora Sec 13 T280a Camp, Mary A. 1873
Carlock E.W. Nichols Carrie M. Kansas Sec 19 T20a Carlock, J.W. 1913
Carrithers Calvin Bienemann Anna G. Linn Sec 19 t240a Jury, Clarence 1896
Carrithers Frank Kent Addie Cazenovia Sec 29 T228a Banta, A.D. Mrs 1867
Carrithers Marion Ambrose Amelia Greene Sec 35 T160a Carrithers, Eveline 1888
Carter Earl     Greene Sec 34 T34a Ray, J. 1880
Casper R.G. Schaumburg Emma Cruger Sec 23 T160a Reiser, John Mrs 1916
Chaffin S.M.     Kansas Sec 2 O68a   1872
Chaffon John W.     Kansas Sec 11 O49a   1872
Chew H.M. Forsythe Martha Mary Linn Sec 19 T160a Jury, C.L. 1900
Chilly John Fisher Kate Worth Sec 7 O100a   1880
Cirks D.M. Janssen Ida Clayton Sec 23 T160a Wilcox. F.W. Dr 1890
Cirks William Brauer Annie Clayton Sec 1 T320a Freeman, Julius 1890
Clark Clarence Bohlander Edna Partridge Sec 24 T170a Rediger, Louis 1875
Clark Dow G. Kerrick Marguerite Partridge Sec 11 T1 1/2a Bennington, J.H. 1895
Clark John Beavers Alice Partridge Sec 23 T150a Heininger, Kate Mrs 1889
Clark  Mary E.     Partridge Sec 13 O154a   1883
Clausen C.L. Kuhlman Gertrude Greene Sec 12 T200a Clausen, Anna 1880
Clausen Daniel Hartman Hannah Greene Sec 13 T120a Clausen, Anna 1882
Clausen Lewis Wessel Annette Palestine Sec 12 O80a   1913
Clawson Allen     Spring Bay Sec 14 O80a   1867
Clayman Eppie Folkers Henrietta Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1857
Clearwater Charlie Maybee Amanda Cazenovia Sec 31     1877
Cleary J.T. Corbley Mary El Paso Sec 20 O257a   1893
Cleary J.W. Doyle Mary E. El Paso Sec 4 O160a   1890
Cluer Edward Holmes Laura Cazenovia Sec 14 O77a   1881
Clymer C.C. Metz Ella Montgomery Sec 6 T150a Clymer, L.E. 1881
Clymer Frank Mentz Nettie Cruger Sec 34 T100a Dorward, Geo. 1900
Clymer L.E. Petz Christena Montgomery Sec 6 O210a   1855
Coen E.B. Wheelock Clara Cazenovia Sec 9 O200a, T400a Coen Est. 1894
Colbur4n Clyde C. Wilcox Vieve Palestine Sec 21 T320a Colburn, W.A. 1891
Colburn C.M. Lynch Myrtle L. Cruger Sec 25 O450a   1876
Colburn John H. Lough Luela Palestine Sec 18 O320a   1865
Collins W.M. Huens Lorenda Spring Bay Sec 35 O73a   1891
Conaway George E. Bleil Elizabeth Partridge Sec 23 T70a Bleil, Otto 1887
Connell Arthur Manlief Grace Olio Sec 15 T80a Litwiler, K. 1910
Cook Jacob     Worth Sec 32 O80a   1854
Cooper Frank Applegate Della Palestine Sec 24     1916
Cooper Harry Wingstern Matilda Palestine Sec 24 T220a Meargreath, Margaret 1902
Cooper Samuel O. Gerfelman Clara Palestine Sec 32 O140a   1900
Cooper William Grass Mary M. Palestine Sec 30     1912
Corbin Ed L. Davis Nellie Linn Sec 10 O40a, T120a Corbin, Wm. 1878
Corbitt James Parr Mary El Paso Sec 30 O180a   1866
Corbley John W. McGraw Margaret El Paso Sec 28 T80a   1903
Cordes Fred Savage Bell Linn Sec 21 T160a Rockie, Christ 1870
Corey David Graves Stella Cazenovia Sec 19     1916
Cotte Jesse G. Dorney Rachel Susan Kansas Sec 19 O114a   1916
Cox Frank Wilkie Annie Panola Sec 33 T185a Stambaugh, Levi 1913
Craig J.K. Blust Evelena Kansas Sec 9 O190a   1869
Craig Lewis C. Blust Sophie Kansas Sec 2 O42a   1872
Craig Nicholas     Kansas Sec 4 T60a Craig, Rachel Mrs 1911
Craig Mrs Rachel     Kansas Sec 4 O60a   1867
Crane Fred Barber Eletha Panola Sec 9   Kelsey, Walter 1916
Crank Ed Pelz Hannah Cazenovia Sec 7   Holman, John 1877
Crawford Geo. A. Hoffrichter Clara M. Cazenovia Sec 12 O160a   1861
Crawford H.E. Piatt Minnie May Linn Sec 5 T120a West, Mary Mrs 1910
Crawford H.G. Scott Adelaide Panola Sec 8 O120a   1888
Crawford N.B. Dowty Lizzie Cazenovia Sec 26 T240a Banta, D. 1901
Cremer F.H. Eilts Minnie Clayton Sec 10 T280a Livingston, Robert 1917
Cremer Udo Meyer Lena Clayton Sec 3 T280a Livingston, Robert 1917
Crosman H.J. Blain Nellie Montgomery Sec 1 O200a   1885
Crout J.W. Turner Alice El Paso Sec 33 T360a Turner, A.W. 1903
Crowe Hubert Lynch Katherine El Paso Sec 29 T80a O'Connell, James 1857
Crowe H.H. Gallaher Mabel El Paso Sec 30 T100a Crusius, Jake 1891
Crowe M.W. Yerion Anna El Paso Sec 21 T160a Yerion, M.E. Mrs Est. 1863
Crump Andy Bayles Launa Kansas Sec 17 T110a Hosplehorn, G. Est. 1900
Crump Delmar Bateman Gladys Palestine Sec 32 T160a Bateman Est. 1916
Crump Earl Little Charlotte Kansas Sec 8 T80a Anderson, Mrs M. 1900
Crump Harvey Simmons Susie Kansas Sec 17 T50a Crump, Henry 1912
Crump Henry Foster Emily Kansas Sec 17 O316a   1890
Crusius Jacob, Sr Steatlemeyer Louisa El Paso Sec 30 O120a   1855
Crusius Jacob F.     El Paso Sec 30 T240a Crusius, Jacob Sr 1880
Crusius John G. Bailey Laura El Paso Sec 6 O160a   1877
Culp Asa Wilson Nannie Olio Sec 33 T210a Culp Est. 1878
Culp Henry Wood Elnora Olio Sec 20 T170a Barrett, Robt. 1895
Culp John     Olio Sec 26 O135a   1862
Culp John R.     Palestine Sec 25 O160a   1901
Cunkler Esther Mrs     Kansas Sec 10 O206a   1865
Cunkler Walter     Kansas Sec 10 T206a Cunkler, Esther Mrs 1874
Cuny Louis Noll Elizabeth Partridge Sec 11 O170a   1864
Curtis Mark Wiw Belle Kansas Sec 7 O130a   1885

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Damerell Q. Jacquot Mary Linn Sec 20 O160a   1872
Damerell Wilbur Kolb Sarah Linn Sec 18 T160a Jamison, Clara M. 1885
Damman George Davis Clara Greene Sec 21 T120a Damman, Henry Sr 1877
Damman Henry Stiegelmeyer Mary Greene Sec 28 O550a   1869
Damman Henry, Jr Ioerger Anna Greene Sec 16 T160a Damman, Henry  1879
Damman W.G. Reel Emma Greene Sec 28 T200a Damman, Henry 1876
Danekas Frank Cirks Meta Minonk Sec 11 T240a Danekas, Frank and Stoddard, B.M. 1890
Danforth Carlton Rogers Ethal Minonk Sec 27 O160a   1886
Daniel Cory A. Cook Carrie Montgomery Sec 14 O190a   1880
Daniel C.M. Childress Alice Panola Sec 13     1916
Danner Michael Ioerger Elizabeth Panola Sec 4 O120a   1888
Darst Edward A. Mrs     Olio Sec 18 O399a   1868
Davidson I.E. Ross S.A. El Paso Sec 31 O80a   1833
Davidson John Scyoc Margaret Greene Sec 33 O590a   1857
Davidson Jordan     El Paso Sec 31 O40a, T80a   1882
Davidson W.O. Ellis Eliza Cruger Sec 13 O185a   1855
Davis Charles Wright Flossie         1916
Davison A.H. Perry Margaret Linn Sec 12 O280a      1853
Davison C.R. McGinnis Ethel Linn Sec 1 O40a   1893
Davison Frank G. Hattan Edith M. Linn