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  Barfoot / Higley

I'm looking for information regarding Adam Barfoot (my 3rd great grandfather) who lived in El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois in the 1870s & 1880s. He was married to Mary E. Higley in 1872 in McLean County, Illinois, but they resided in Woodford County according to the U.S. Census of 1880. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, IL.

I would love to contact anyone else who is researching Adam Barfoot.

Thanks for your help.

Teri Odell

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Kirste / Stiller

My grandmother, Ida Kirste, was born just across the county line in La Rose. However, I think the family actually farmed between La Rose and Washburn. My great grand father, Ernst Kirste, came to America from Germany in 1873 and settled in Illinois. He came with a cousin, Christian Kirste who had married his sister Louise Kirste. Also along with him was his sister, Wilhelmina Kirste Stiller and her two sons. In 1877 Ernst married Helena Kaforke or Kafforke in La Rose. A short time later they migrated west to Nebraska and lived near the small town of Blue Hill. Later they homesteaded on west in Furnas County, Nebraska.

Christian and Louise stayed in the Washburn area and are buried with some of their family in that Lutheran/Catholic cemetery just west of Washburn. I believe the Kirste family were some of the original members of the Lutheran Church in Washburn. I know that one son, Otto Kirste is buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Washburn.

I am interested in any information someone may have on the Kirste and Kafforke families and will be happy to share what information I have on the families. I am curious why they came to Illinois in the first place. As you know, many immigrants came to places in America where other family members or friends lived. I know there were several Kirste families in the Chicago area.

Thanks in advance for your help and I am happy to share what I have on the families.

Jerry Ingram
Kearney, Nebraska

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  Davidson  / Puckett

I have been searching for my Grandmother and my Aunt that are buried at Woodford. I am not having any luck at all. I was at the cemetery about 15 years ago but I have no records or memory of where they are buried. The most ***important record that I am trying to find out is; ***My grandmothers records, especially where she was born, her parents names would really help A LOT too. I have checked all the archives I can find with no luck. My grandmothers maiden name is Mary Elizabeth Davidson and her married last name was Puckett.

I don't know her birth date but she died on 1/19, 20 or 21, 1919 I believe at 26 or 27 years old. (There is always a chance she was adopted since I can't find any records for her at all. I sure hope you can help me out with this. It would mean sooo much to me.)

My Aunt's name is Clara Bernice Puckett who died on March 5, 1937 at 18 years old. (She was my grandma's youngest child. Maybe they are buried some what close together/ and maybe not.) Anything you can find out about them would be so great, especially my Grandmother!

Thanks in advance for anything you can do.

Connie Cluver

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Settle / Eckman

I am looking for some info on the SETTLE family.

According to a family Bible "Presented to Stephen J. Settle by his mother Dorothy Settle & father James Settle" in Woodford County , Ill and it always has Minonk (Aklref)? 1862

I have not been able to find the SETTLE name.  Another name in the Bible is Dorothy Eckman - not sure if is the maiden name of Dorothy Settle?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Gary in Alabama

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  Skinner / Wilkey

Hello - I am looking for information about John Skinner and his wife Elizabeth (Wilkey) Skinner and 5 children who lived in Woodford County in or around 1888.

John and Elizabeth's names appear in a biography sketch from a publication about residents of Livingston County,
Illinois, published in 1888. Elizabeth's brother John and family lived in Livingston. The book clearly says that "Elizabeth Wilkey, now Mrs. John Skinner, and five children live in Woodford County, Illinois."

I know the family came to the US in 1879. Do you have any information about John and Elizabeth Wilkey Skinner?

Much appreciated!

Richard Skinner

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Reinhardt / Zettelmeier


My name is Carol Voss Deger and my great grandmotherís maiden name is Reinhardt. I have a letter written to a great aunt about the family name of Frederick P Reinhardt and Carolyn Zettelmeier Reinhardt who lived in Minonk.

 Their children were Barbara, Anna M., Dorothy, William F, and Kathryn H. I have an obituary for Kathryn who died May 25th, 1951. I would really like to find out more information about this family as I am fairly certain they are my ancestors.

They are listed in the 1910 and 1930 census as having a farm, and I did find a Frederick Reinhardt listed in the 1917 farmers index. I would love it if you could direct me in the right direction as to find out more about this family. Thank you for your time.

Carol Deger


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  Samuel Hoshor / Carrie Boulier

My name is Laura. I am from the ancestry of Samuel Hoshor (Born around 1864 in Springsbay, Illinois we believe) and Carrie Boulier. I have hit a brick wall on the Hoshor side, as I cannot find a Samuel listed anywhere. There are several records for Hoshor ancestors. Is it possible that Samuel was a nickname, or middle name? If so, do you have any idea which Hoshor he would be listed as? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Laura J. Stephens



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I'm seeking information on my great grandparents: Valentine Baum, born 1823, (Hesse Germany?) died in Woodford Co.(?) Palestine, Illinois 1908, and my great grandmother born Caroline Zimmer in Konnerot Hesse Germany in 1830, died 1911 also (?)Woodford Co. Palestine, Illinois.

I believe they were Mennonites by Christian faith. Any information on the Mennonite Church in the Woodford area would also be appreciated.

Donald Harms (Great grandson of Henry Hoffker Harms, also of Woodford  Co. Secor and Benson.)

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Am looking for Swarin/Swearin/Swarings, who lived around 1840 to 1850 in Tazewell, Woodford, McLean area. In particular, John Sader who married a Martha Swaring (Swarens), and had many, many children. The parents are supposed to be buried in Secor Cemetery.

Martha was John's 3rd (?) wife. Who were her parents and what where the names of the children? Help would be very appreciated.

Janet Milburn


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John A Braten

I have posted before on Emma Brayten/Braten

I was sent an e mail that came from an IRAD researcher.  She wrote to me that John A. and Emma Braten had adopted a daughter, Emma,  which was dated 1910. 

I need to find out who John A. Braten was and what town he lived in.  This was taken from Illinois State University on Mc Lean Co. Records.  Their daughter Emma, who was my grandmother Anne's sister who lived in Secor, Il.  Any help would be appreciated.

Brenda Lee

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  Elizabeth Sheely

My great grandparents were Lorinda Ellen Hune and Wiliam Patrick Collins. Lorinda's parents were Henry Hune and Elizabeth Sheely. They were married in Woodford County in 1859 according to an index. Elizabeth was possibly born in Ohio about 1835. I am trying to find her parents and the date of her death. She is probably buried in Woodford County. Henry Hune married an Arvilla and they moved to Kansas. Lorinda and her sister stayed with her mother's relatives. There might be a connection with the Hoshor and/or Fredrich families in Spring Bay Township. I appreciate any help that you can provide. My grandparents were Roy and Caroline Goldsbrough Collins.

Joyce Dean Stogentin


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Edward Paul Strauch

Dear Sir, here is my brick wall.

I have never known who my grandfather was. My grandmother was Amelia Strauch, born 1901 near Wilburn and Washburn to Edward and Paulina Strauch. My grandmother was not married at the time of my fathers birth. Edward and Paulina would not allow it. My father Edward Paul Strauch, was born in 1922. Does anyone know anything they can tell me about who my grandfather may be. I have read in a letter that they wanted to marry . They were of different faiths and it was not allowed. This has been a huge brick wall. I don't want to cause any problems, I would just like to know what my ancestry is on that side, and my family history.

Linda Strauch

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My mother, Zita Elaine Ryan, was born in Minonk, Ill in 1907 or 1908. Her father was Charlie Ryan and I am trying to find out her mother's name.

Molly Nay


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Bracken/ George

I have a Matthew Bracken born16 Jun 1789 in Greenbriar County, VA, and died 2 Feb 1853 in Peoria County, IL. He purchased several pieces of land in what is now Woodford Co., starting the 1830s. He married Jane H. George, 15 Apr 1810 in Fleming Co., KY.

I have no luck in locating where they are buried. Can anyone help me?

Steve Burke

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My sister Mary (Tracy) Chew of Eureka, referred me to your website to "Brick Walls". Someone (can't find the question on your site) was asking about the old Hartman Cemetery and in particular, Matthew Bracken.

The Tracy family grew up on the end of Rolla (misspelled on the old street sign as Rolley). The street runs parallel with Shaft street, and both dead-end at the old TP&W rail road tracks. Crossing the tracks on Rolla Street, was a gravel road. Turning right, was the old Hartman farm; by jogging left, was the old cemetery. It was called the Hartman Cemetery because it was on land owned by Louise Hartman. There are no Hartman family members buried in the cemetery.

I have not been up there for many years, but was recently told that someone bought the Hartman property and tore down the old house. I don't know what remains of the cemetery, but it is my understanding that nothing exists of the cemetery anymore.

In 1968, as a senior English thesis paper, I compiled what I could find on the history of Eureka. Because I grew-up near the cemetery, and then recognized some of the names on the stones as being some of the first settlers of "Walnut Grove", I included a blurb about the cemetery in my thesis.

In an article published by the Woodford County Journal on April 18, 1968 is a picture of myself and the headstone for Matthew Bracken. The article also mentions a stone for Johnathan Baker. This may be the only photo taken of the cemetery. I have a copy of the article, but with age, it is in poor condition. Hopefully, the Woodford County Journal has an archive photo.

From my research for the thesis:

Jonathan Baker settled in Walnut Grove in 1826. From his tombstone, he died in 1859, age 48.
Matthew Bracken settled in Walnut Grove in 1829. From his tombstone, he died in 1853(?)

Laurel Tracy Kutash


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Iím looking for the grandparents of Brinton McClellan Young who was married to Cora E. Blair in Woodford County, Illinois around 1890. Brintonís father is David Young, Jr. who married Anna Shiverdecker in Preble County, Ohio in 1837.

Iíve looked high and low for any information on Davidís parents. Their names were David Young, Sr. who supposedly was married to a Melinda McClellan and they lived part of the time in Darke County, Ohio. I have a lot of information on the Shiverdeckers, but nothing earlier than David Young, Jr. and his wife Anna.

Is there any way to find out something? David Young, Jr. has to have parents, but who were they?

Please help and thank you.

Peggy Yurczak




















Nathan F. Switzer

I actually have two "brick walls" involving the Switzer family. Most online sources refer to the Woodford County marriage record of Nathan F. Switzer and Elvira E. Morley as being dated 9 Aug. 1864. I'm convinced this isn't the correct year, since the 1860 U.S. Census of Woodford County includes:

Frederick N. Camp 34

Elvira Camp 25

Joseph A. Switzer 5

Sheldon F. Camp 2

Frederick N. Camp was married to Elvira E. Switzer (Nathan's widow!) on 29 Mar. 1857 in Woodford County. Elvira E. Morley's marriage to her first husband (Nathan F. Switzer) must have preceded this.

There were Switzer families in Woodford County in 1850 (from France), but I can't find this elusive Nathan F. Switzer among their children. I've checked the 1850 census records over and over again, searching for every possible variant of the name, but can't seem to find this Nathan F. Switzer prior to his marriage to Elvira E. Morley.


Timothy C. Parrott

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I am trying to find out what happened to the Sanders family who lived in Woodford in 1850.

United States Census, 1850 

film number: 442922  digital gs number: 4181051  image number: 00296 line number: 26

dwelling house number: 5  family number: 5

Richard Sanders M 45y Christian Minister born England
Sarah Sanders F  47y   born England 
Alfred Sanders M   21y Shoemaker born England 
Mary S Sanders F 16y   born England 
Samuel Sanders M 14y   born England 
Martha Sanders F 9y     born N.Y.

I think they came from Worcestershire in England where the elder Richard was a Shoemaker. They went to USA I think between the 1841 census (March) and 1842 (Martha born New York abt 1841). I am interested to find out how Richard became a Minister and also am interested to know if  Samuel came back to England. 


Bill Craig

London England































John H. Gish (abt. 1819) and wife Anna (abt. 1819), Roanoke, Woodford, Illinois and both born in Virginia - U.S. Census.
Son Rufus Garman Gish born abt. 1856 in Illinois. Ancestry has Rufus G.'s death as 1928 in La Porte, Texas.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Charlene Gish

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  Lucinda and Bushrod Huff


Okay, you asked for a brick wall.  Here is one.  My gg grandmother, Lucinda Palmer Huff, born 1823 in Virginia, died in Woodford County, IL 1910, buried in Sand Hill Cemetery.  Her husband, Bushrod Huff is listed with her on the 1860 census and then never appears again.  What happened to him?  When did he die?  Where is he buried?  They moved to Illinois right around 1860 when their youngest daughter, Ellen, (my g grandmother) was born.  They apparently moved to Knox County first, then to Woodford.  I cannot find any information on either Bushrod or Lucinda's parents.  I am told they were full blood Cherokee, that Lucinda was full blood Cherokee, but they listed themselves as white to avoid persecution by the BIA.
Any information of this family would be helpful.


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Turner and Catherine Anderson

My brick wall is my 3rd great grandparents, Turner L. Anderson (aka:John) and Catherine Kent Anderson. Turner was born abt. 1813 in Tenn. and Catherine was born in Ohio abt. 1817. I found them in Mclean County in 1855 and then in the 1860 census, in Clayton Township in Woodford County. Family history tells us that Catherine spoke German so I'm assuming that Turner was German as well. According to land records, Turner owned a lot of land in Woodford County. I'm able to trace most of their children but have no idea what happened to Turner & Catherine. Any help would be appreciated.



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Looking for information on my Great Grandmother Sarah Virginia Shepherd, also called Sadie and Lizzie. I think she was born in 1856. She married Jesse Clarkson Henley of whom I also have no information. I know my ggrandmother died early and the children of that marriage went to live with their maternal grandmother. I can find no trace of Jesse Clarkson Henley after 1852. Any clues on the Shepherd or Henley families during that time period would be much appreciated.

Becky Livingston

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I'm working on the Flowers family tree.


Mary A. Flowers married my GGrand Father Charles Lorton Wood, and they had at least five children.

 Mary  Flower's brother, John William Flowers married Sarah Agusta Miller Moore in Michigan.  They had five or six children:  Emma B Flowers, 1884; Charles L M Flowers, 1885; Jessie Louise Flowers, 1887, and Elizabeth Flowers, 1890. All of the children were born in Jacksonville, Illinois.

I found Jesse but not the other kids .

I'm looking for any information anyone may have on these two marriages, especially the children.

I would be very happy if someone knew these people and could help me . I thank you all

Johnny U.

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I am searching for cemetery, obituary, tombstones for James Mitchell (1796-1871) and wife Nancy O. Burton Mitchell (d.18 Mar 1874)

James Mitchell, the youngest brother of Robert, Sr. married Nancy O. Burton in Floyd County, Indiana and moved to Vigo County thence to within a few miles of Rockville where he lived for 8 years. In 1833 he went to Woodford County, Illinois where he served several years as Justice. He was the father of the following named children: William; Josephus; Elizabeth; Fredrick; John O; Charles; James P; Mary Ann; Eliza Jane and Amanda. The head of this family died in 1873 age 74; and his wife in 1876, age 76. William the oldest child of the above is a farmer in Woodford County, Illinois and in 1837 married Susan Lary who bore him 4 children: Nancy J; Henrietta; Elizabeth and Amanda H. William, the father of these children has been a member of the Christian Church for a number of years.

From the "Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain Counties, Indiana" Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, Page 515


Tracy MacAllister


Good News

In response to the 'brick wall' you posted below for me, I did hear from a relative who gave me information that James Mitchell and Nancy Burton Mitchell are buried at the Olio Township Cemetery, Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois. I am now working on getting photos. The information indicates that Nancy Burton's headstone is broken and the top is completely gone.


Tracy  11/20/2010


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I am certainly in a quandary about who my 2nd great grandfather is. Recently, I sent to The Woodford County, IL Clerk/Recorder's office for the marriage license of my 2nd Great grandparents. According to their wedding license, they were married on May 28, 1862 and their names were Jane Gallup of Woodford County and Thomas Phillips. Next, I sent to the San Diego County, CA recorder/clerks office for their son's death certificate in order to get his parent's names. According to his death certificate, George W. Phillips was born on March 11, 1862 in Woodford County, Ill and died in San Diego County on August 8, 1942. On the death certificate, it shows his mother's name again as Jane Gallup, but his father's name as John Phillips.

I have no idea whether my 2nd great grandfather was, Thomas, John, John Thomas or Thomas John Phillips. Nor can I find out any additional information on George W. Phillips, his son. I tried contacting the Clerk/Recorder in Woodford County to see if they had a birth certificate on file for George W. Phillips, but unfortunately, they do not keep records back to his birth in 1862.

It's obvious that George W. Phillips was born in Woodford County and that his parents Jane Gallup and Thomas/John were married there, but from there, I'm stuck!

From checking the Woodford County records, it appears there were Phillips in the area during the period and owned property, but none of the names match.

Right now, one limb of my family tree is rubbing against a brick wall! Any help anyone could give me to loosen a brick in the wall would be greatly appreciated.

My contact information is:

Ray Stine
(530) 927-7782


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My Great grandfather was Jonas Keim and he was from El Paso, Ill. His son Clifton Forest Keim I believe grew up in Secor. The Secor Cemetery is where most of my Keim lines are buried. It is a beautiful little cemetery. I am daughter of Clifton Keim's daughter Violet Keim who married Leo Crow. I am Brenda Lee. I am at present working my Mozingo, Crubaugh, and Gardner lines. These lines surround Secor, El Paso, Clinton, LeRoy, Bloomington/Normal, Peoria, East Peoria, Moline, then head to TX and CA. I have a lot of info if anyone would like to share.


Brenda Lee

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 Looking for information on the family of William Edward and Adaline Marshall from Woodford County, Illinois, William, Adaline, and Lydia (daughter) are buried in Washington, Illinois.

I would like to be contacted by anyone who has information about the family. The other children are Samuel Alexander, Sarah Diana, Cora Estella, Dora Anna, Henry W., Myrtle Lillie, Rose Adaline, Albert Edwin, Douglas G, and Daisy Pearl. William's father, Samuel Marshall, is my great-great-grandfather who is buried in Taylorville, Illinois. My name is David Marshall in Pekin, Illinois.

Thank you.
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I am searching for descendants of Jesse Hartzell who at one time pre 1919 was married to my g. mother Anne Keim.

Anne had a sister Emma who was married to Frank Roeske. Emma was adopted out into Brayten/Bratten family.

Does any relative know what happened to their mother Lucy Crubaugh Gardner? I don't want any gossip. Just date of death, last name at death and burial. That is all. Don't want to bring up bad memories or hurt anyone.

Emma and Annie both were born to George and Lucy Crubaugh Gardner . George was born in Kappa, Ill. and his parents Christian/Christopher Gardner married to Mary Ann Stump of Kappa moved to Eureka pre 1894 at George's marriage. LIved in Kappa in 1860 at George's birth.

Lucy disappears after 1900 in Sangamon Co., Ill. Then we cannot find her daughter Emma's death date or burial. Last heard she had married someone who's first name was Jewell but no one remembers his last name. I have most of Annie's lineage and will share. Emma's lineage I have almost all of it to her marriage to a Roeske. It is my dream to have picture if possible with obituary beside picture and picture of Tombstone. Can anyone help?


Brenda Lee

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 I am trying to find my lost ancestors by the surname of Dukewicz on my mothers side of the family. They originated from Lithuania in the mid to late 1800s.

The first trace I discovered was a Joseph Dukewicz in the 1870s travelling via New York to COOK county, ILLINOIS. Don't know whether this person is a relative. The most recent trace was of a Julie Dukewicz introduced to ex president Bush when he visited Chicago and made a speech. Julie Dukewicz was selected from the audience to meet him.

At this moment in time I donít really know in which area sites or people or direction I need to go. Any suggestions to help me with my quest would be absolutely brilliant.

Geoffrey Peirce.
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Our Surnames from Kappa and Eureka Illinois ranging from 1860-1929

My g. g grandfather was George Gardner, who's father was  Christopher (or Christian) Gardner. (He was listed as Christopher in the obituary, Christian on his marriage license.) I am enclosing George's obituary.  (Click here for the obituary)  He was born in Kappa.

 This is all I have to go on at the present.  George's mother was Mary Ann Stump. Would like info on her also. Hope someone knows something before my relatives pass away. Would like to complete family lines as quickly as possible. Been at it for 35 years.


Brenda Lee

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I am looking for information for the PISEL and NIERGARTH Families of Woodford County and would really appreciate any info on either.

John Elliot PISEL is one of my great-grandfathers. He was born in Baxter Springs, Cherokee County, Kansas on December 13, 1875 and I believe he was orphaned at an early age. In the 1880 census at 5-years-old he was living with William and Jane McKenzie in Centre Township, Nebraska as a "Boarder". About 1904 he arrived in Woodford County and married Bertha Buck of Eureka or Secor. Together they had 14 or 15 children. He died on July 29, 1943 in Roanoke.

I am trying to find out who his parents were so I can trace the family farther back.

His first-born son Herman Harry Pisel married Emma Nellie NIERGARTH in 1927 (they are my grandfather and my grandmother). I have been able to trace the Niergarth's back to the 1600's in Germany but don't know many details about them in the 1800 and 1900's in Woodford County. I do know that Emma's grandfather, Wilhelm Niergarth was buying land in Woodford County in the 1830's and that he married Rosanna G. Walter (or Walters) in 1835. He died on November 22, 1857 at only 46-years-old. Does anyone know if there is a source for an obituary that early in the county? Newspaper, etc.? It is driving me crazy not knowing why or how he died!

Any information about either of these families would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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  George W. Phillips


George W. Phillips was born in Woodford County, Illinois on March 11, 1862 and I believe had a homestead at NW13 T1 R35. I'm trying to find his parents name(s) and anything about him or his ancestors.

Ray Stine

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Paul Clark and his mother, Mamie (Fishburn) Clark

Our Grandfather, Paul Clark, was born in Roanoke, Woodford, Illinois, February 20, 1902. His mother, Mamie Clark(e) died 6 days later and is buried in Evergreen cemetery, El Paso as Mamie Fishburn Clark.

Paul was adopted by Jacob and Kathryn Fishburn, Jacob Fishburn was raised in El Paso but was living in Montana when he adopted Paul. We assume he is a relative of Mamie.

So far, we have been unable to find Paul's father's name or which Fishburn family Mamie might have belonged to. We do have Mamie's death certificate, but it has no other family information. If anyone has any stories, ideas or clues about who Paul's family might be, we would appreciate it very much.

Sam and Jill Clark

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Does anyone have any information on MARY ELLEN STUMBAUGH?

She married  August Kridner in 1884 in Tazewell co., and lived the rest of her married life in Woodford co., Illinois

I am trying to find who her parents were.

She was born in 1854 Tazewell co., and died in 1924 Woodford co. On the 1860 census she appears to be a orphan living with the Boucher family.

Any clues would be appreciated.

Marie-Frances Bayles

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Christian Shafer/Robert Harseim

My Grandmother was Roberta Harseim. Her father was Robert G. Harseim  and her mother was Jenny Shafer. Both families lived in and around El Paso, Illinois in the early 1900's.

I have found a picture and write up of Christian Shafer in the El Paso history. However, I cannot find anything in the census concerning him. I believe his wife was Phoebe Bouchard. I do not know if they had other children, etc.

I am also looking for anything concerning Robert Harseim. I believe his father was Adolph but I have also seen Godfried. I would like to know the siblings of Robert Harseim and any descendants.

Thank you so much,
Betty Herrman

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Neaves and Liming

I need to find out the maiden names of my great-great grandmothers for both my great grandmother and great grandfather.

My great grandmother was Mary Aden Neaves. She was born on 6/1/1883 in Kentucky and died on 10/11/1940 in El Paso, IL. I know her father was born in Kentucky and I have no other information about her father and nothing about her mother. I was told her mother was full-blooded Indian. She was married to James Wesley Liming on September 5, 1902 in Ohio. I need her motherís first and maiden name and her fatherís first name.

My great grandfather was James Wesley Liming. He was born on 3/7/1878 in Brown Co., Ohio and died on 2/17/1945 in El Paso, IL. His parents were Oliver Liming, born 1/1847 in Ohio and Emma L., born 2/1851 in Ohio. I need Emmaís maiden name.


Connie S. Puente
Houston, Texas

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Andrew Kaczmarek

My great grandfather's name was Andrew Kaczmarek, and he died 4/24/1899 in the Minonk Mine.  I am attaching a page from the bureau of mines reporting fatal accidents, where his name is phonetically spelled as Ketchmark.

He and his family were from Bay City, Michigan where the 1900 Census lists his widow as having the last two children born in Illinois, which led me to Minonk. It looks like he and the family moved to Illinois around 1893 and his widow returned to Michigan soon after her husband's death.

I'm assuming they were Catholics and he may have been buried in the Catholic cemetery. I doubt seriously that his widow had the means to ship his remains back to Bay City. I have previously checked with the Woodford county clerk regarding death certificates. Unfortunately they were not mandatory until 1900.

I am looking for any burial records for my great grandfather.  And does anyone know if the employment records for the Mining Co are archived somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Lewandowski

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Lucinda (Palmer) Huff

I have been researching my mother's family and found that her great grandparents were Bushrod and Lucinda (Palmer) Huff. Both were born around 1820 in Loudon County Virginia and later moved to Ohio and on to Indiana and Illinois. Their youngest daughter Ellen Huff was born in Illinois in 1860. Bushrod is listed with his family in that census, but never appears again.

Bushrod's wife, Lucinda, was listed as living in Woodford County in 1910 at 90 years of age. I can not find any obituary or burial record for her which I would assume would be sometime between 1910 and 1920.

If you can give me any advice or clues, I would certainly appreciate it.


Kathy Haut

Beardstown, IL


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William S. Sturgeon

My great-grandfather, William S. Sturgeon, was born in 1843, but I don't know if he was born in El Paso, IL or in Ohio. He married Juliet Milligan. They were married in El Paso on Oct. 30, 1876. Their children were Lyman, Robert, Anna, Clarence, and Edgar.

Juliet's parents, James Milligan and Maria (Patterson) Milligan died in El Paso in 1876 and 1893 respectively.
I cannot find any references to births, deaths or marriages, especially to William's parents. I believe that William owned land in Panola Township, Sec. 29.

Any help tracing these relatives would be appreciated.

Don Sturgeon
Cedar Rapids, IA


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Roswell Goings

Roswell Goings, born 1779, was struck in the head with a stick of firewood by his wife, the infamous Melissa Lett Goings, on April 14, 1857.  He died April 18,1857. This is such a big deal in the Metamora Courthouse. I just can't find any record that he died, or has an obituary.

The Goings came to the Metamora area from Maryland, they brought all their children with them, they were well to do farmers. Roswell was a hard worker and an abusive husband.

Melissa never came back for her trial, she died many years later in California. God Bless her. But where is Roswell????

Roswell and Melissa Goings are my GGGGrandparents.

Jerrie Wright

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[Host's note: The defense of Melissa Goings, accused of her husband's murder, was one of Abraham Lincoln's last cases as a trial lawyer before he was elected President.  The trial was to have been held in the Metamora Courthouse, but Melissa escaped before it could take place.  The charges were later dropped.  Click here for an overview of this famous Woodford County event.]





















Hopefully someone out there can help me out with date of death and cemetery location for the following people in Woodford County.

Emily Stacy Robinson b. 22 Mar 1836 in Clark County Ohio; d. about 1883 in Woodford County; she came to Woodford County around 1862 from VanWert Ohio with at least 3 children, Cynthia (b. 1848), Fatha (b. 1850), and Emma (b. 1854). She married William L. Robinson in VanWert Ohio in 1845. William died in Van Wert 9 Sep 1862. Emily died in Eureka, Woodford County and showed up in the 1870 census in Metamora Township.

There was also an Oliver Stacy (Emilyís father from 1st wife Ė Ora Mattoon) who probably died about 1870. He was born in Vermont around 1796 and came to Woodford County about 1862 after his 2nd wife (Fatha) died in VanWert Ohio.

They might be buried in the Olio Township Cemetery, but I am not sure of that.

Any information would be appreciated. Emily Robinson would have been my great great grandmother.

Jim Moore

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Palm Family

I am tracing a PALM family. The earliest I know is Charles Palm born Jan. 1861 Sweden, married 28 March 1893, Cook Co. Ill. to Anna Anderson. Their children were supposedly William b. 25 May 1893, Shattuc, Clinton Co.; Anna; and Martha. Not much more is known.

 William married Mary Rippel and they had children: Raymond, Wilbert, Wilma, Dorothy Ann, William, Jr., and Eugene. The family were at times in Clinton Co. Ill., and Woodford Co. Ill.

Thanks for any help

Eugenia Vogel

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  David Perry Harber

Mr. Harber was born in Indiana, November 20, 1821'. Early in the50's he came to Illinois and first located in Woodford county where he engaged in farming. Later he followed the same occupation in Livingston county until 1862, when be removed to EI Paso, where he engaged in the mercantile business until 1872, and then embarked in the implement business in Eureka.

He was very successful in this business, retiring a few years before his death, leaving his business to his sons whom he had reared in it.

Mr. and Mrs. Harber were charter members of the Mount Zion Christian church, organized in 1855. They were ever after , earnest, active Christians. He was deacon or elder for many years. He died in Eureka, January 29, 1897, honored and esteemed by all who knew him.

He married Martha Nance in Bloomington August 31, 1854

I am looking for a grave site and any information on his parents.

Brad Albee

Orient, Iowa

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David G Moore


I am looking for information on the date of death and burial location for David G Moore. David was born in 1817 in Todd County Kentucky and came to Woodford around 1846. He is listed in census records from 1850 - 1880 in Olio Township. He was a farmer and his property shows up in Section 16 in a 1873 map, but not the 1893 map. I assume that he died in the 1880 - 1893 timeframe. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He was married to Mary Ann Ellison and had 15 children.

Do you have any thought/suggestions on how to track this down? Also, where would you go to get copies of Wills from that timeframe?

Thank you very much.

Jim Moore


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Moses Wallace

The Moses Wallace I'm looking for was born in Scotland.

His wife's name was Elizabeth Kisella born in Ireland.

Daughter was Mary Ann Wallace (Murphy - wife of Patrick Murphy - lived on Kelleys Island, Ohio)

Daughter Eliza Wallace (Keeley - wife of Thomas Keeley - lived on Kelleys Island)

Son? Patrick Wallace born 1846

All were born in Ireland.

Patrick and Mary Ann Wallace immigrated to USA in 1875

Thanks for any consideration you can make!

Glenn Holzhauser

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I am searching information concerning the DOLLET family.

 They immigrated from France in 1900.

Leon, (1866) his wife Victorine, (1870) sons Leon,(1889) and Edouard (1891) born in France, another son Verna (1903) born in Illinois.
Leon came to work in the coal mine, apparently a brother was already here working.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

Liliane White

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  I am looking for info on the Johann/John Peters Family ,,,Reki/Reka married my G.Grandfather Herman Reents....Any info would be a great help Thank You.

The Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America, 1875-1888 CD shows the following:
Passenger's Name: Johann Peters
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Occupation: Laborer
Last Residence: Germany
Date of Arrival: May 15, 1880
Final Destination: USA
Ship's Name: Mosel
Manifest ID Number: 35667
Port of Embarkation: Bremen & Southampton
Others with that surname on that vessel were:
Johanna, 34
Diedrich, 4 .... (listed as Christian in the census)
Lina, 3
Rike, 10 months

The 1880 Peoria, Peoria Co, Illinois census shows the following family:
Peters, John T., 41, born in Hannover
Peters, Johanna, 35, born in Hannover
Peters, Christian, 5, born in Hannover
Peters, Angelina, 3, born in Hannover
Peters, Rieka, 1, born in Hannover

The 1900 Greene Twp, Woodford Co, Illinois census shows the following family:
Peters, John, born August 1838 in Germany
Peters, Johanna, born February 1846 in Germany
Peters, Reka B., born May 1880 in Germany
Peters, Mary, born May 1892 in Illinois

Brandi Chandler

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I'm looking for information on a Palm family who lived around there around the 1900's.There would be a Wilma B., Dorothy Ann, William, Jr., and Eugene possibly.

Thanks for any help.

Eugenia Vogel


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  I am interested in the surname of ROGGE - Geska Tjaden married a John Rogge from Woodford County - I can find my grandmother (Geska) but nothing on the Rogge family.


Thank you.

Michael Rogge

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Have hit a brick wall trying to find the graves of my great great grandparents. They are William Drennen b. October 14, 1819 in Plum Twp., Allegheny Co. , PA , d. August 08, 1893 and Margaret (Speer) Drennen b. April 24, 1827 in Allegheny Co., PA.

They moved to Illinois on November 1, 1855 and settled on "Lone Tree Farm", IL WOODFORD CO. LINN TWP, according to the 1860 census. The 1870 and 1880 census shows them living in Cazenovia Twp., Woodford C0., IL. Their son, Thomas Drennen and his wife Sarah Ellen (Genoways) Drennen, lived in Low Point and are buried in Linn-Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Washburn, Illinois.

Does anyone know where they are buried?

Ken Drennen

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The graves of William Drennen b. October 14, 1819 in Plum Twp., Allegheny Co. , PA , d. August 08, 1893 and Margaret (Speer) Drennen b. April 24, 1827 in Allegheny Co., PA have been found. Thay are buried in Berwick Cemeter, Cairo, Nebraska along with son Oscar G. Drennen and granddaughter Burdella White. William Drennen's birthdate is listed as 23 Nov, 1819 on the tombstone.



















  This is a Metamora - Woodford County question on the identity of this family.

Click on the picture for a larger version

My father (now deceased) suggested the Kiesewetter family.  There are seven boys in the photo. And the Peter Kiesewetter(Jrs.) and Cyrilla Fandel Kiesewetter were known to have eight boys. Could you put this on the Woodford county site to see if anyone knows?

Many thanks,

Larry Hagemann

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I am trying to research my great aunt's family. I have Johan (John) and Magdalena Parr in Woodford County in the 1850 census with their son Francis (Frank). They immigrated from Germany shortly before.

Frank had 10 children (1860, 1870 census) but they all seemed to disappear. Several died young but don't have a clue where they are buried - just somewhere in Woodford County.  I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Karen Pfeiffer

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  I do not know the name of the cemetery that my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandmother is buried in, But I do know that she died near Minonk. Here is the information I have:

Eunice (Eunecy) Curtis Eaton d. Feb. 19, 1889 while visiting in the Bates home west of Minonk.

I have a photo of her gravestone, but it is not clear. Iím hoping to find a better photo of it. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Barbara P. Smith


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My Brick Wall is the Benjamin Butler family who lived in Washburn/Cazenovia area in the early 1860s. Benjamin was allegedly born btw. 1838 Ė 1840 in Vermont. He married a Susan (or Susannah) Fisher (or Fischer) in November of 1863. They had 11 children:

1. Montezuma Ė born abt. 1862 (possibly out of wedlock). Montezuma married at the age of 15 to a William Snow.
2. Flora Ė born abt. 1867
3. Emma Ė born 1/16/1870
4. Benjamin Ė born 4/21/1872
5. Laura Ė born 1873
6. Frank Ė born abt. 1876
7. Almond D (Donald) Ė born abt. 1879
8. Carroll Wilson Ė born 12/25/1881
9. Jessie Jane Ė born 9/14/1883
10. Bessie Ė born 9/14/1883
11. James Twedale Ė born 3/12/1893 (this is my great grandfather)

There are stories that Benjamin (the father of these 11 children) is not really a Butler, but a James Wilson who deserted from the Civil War. Interesting, and long, story.

Any information on this family prior to 1862 would be very helpful. I have everything from 1862 on, Iím just looking for Benís parents or any proof of his life prior to 1862.


Dena M Lyons

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  In my genealogy search I have hit a brick wall about the following:

1. What was the cause of death for my great-great grandfather, Philip Seifert, who died at the age of 40 in 1878. He owned a farm in the area of Low Point, Woodford Co.

2. My great-great-grandmother then signed over their 5 children to live with their paternal grandparents - then aged 70. Why would a mother give up her children? Is it possible to check marriage records (maybe she re-married? and death records - maybe she was sick?)

If you have any insights into how I can further my search, please advise.

Thank you so much.

Pat Watson

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Armstrong, Merl A.
Any information regarding Merl A. Armstrong or his family would be greatly appreciated by Mrs. Warren W. Armstrong, whose husband Warren Willam Armstrong, son of Verl Anson Armstrong.  Warren Armstrong was born in Muncie Indiana 8/25/22.  His mothers name was Ethyl who died when Warren was about 2 years old.  He also had a twin sister who died at a young age, a brother George, a brother Arthur and a sister Marha Jane.
We believe that Merl A. Armstrong was a brother to Verl Armstrong and we are trying to make the connection.
Thanking you sincerely
Emily Armstrong

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I am conducting a genealogical search on my Great Great Grandfather, Friederick Bittner ("Biittner" as spelled in Germany and changed when arriving in the U.S.) who was born in Bavaria Germany on January 12, 1818, and passed away in the United States on September 13, 1886. He was buried in Metamora Township and from my search I see that there are five cemeteries in Metamora Township.

Can you locate which cemetery he was buried in and are there any historical notes on what city or town he came from in Germany? It is my understanding that Friederick Bittner and his first wife, Dorthea Poppe who was also born in Germany arrived in the U.S. sometime after 1853. She passed away shortly after their arrival in the U.S. and Friederick Bittner remarried Barbara Minger.

There may be an opportunity for me to travel to Germany in the first week of June, 2008, and I am hoping to find further information on the Biittner family name in Germany. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation!


Gary W. Bittner

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 My name is Susan Gross, and I'm researching the Dobson family in Woodford and Marshall County.

Charles Dobson, son of Thomas and Mary Dobson and one of the first residents of Minonk,  married Mary Elizabeth Perry between 1850 and 1852.  However I have been unable to find out anything about Mary Elizabeth Perry's parents. Any information you could furnish would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Susan Gross


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My name is Steve Gulzow and I live in North Platte, Nebraska.  My great great grandfather Karl Friedrich von Nordheim lived in Minonk  during the 1870's and 1880's.

Karl married Catharina Barth at the German United Evangelical Church on  December 10, 1872. The Karl von Nordheim family lived in Minonk until 1892 when they moved  to Glenville, Clay County, Nebraska.

I have an old 1880's -90's photograph showing a family standing in  front of a house in Minonk. I can't identify the people in the photograph. My wife and I made a short visit to Minonk several years  ago and found the house in the photograph standing at 328 Walnut St.

I would appreciate knowing if either a von Nordheim or a Barth family lived in that house.

Thank you,

Steve Gulzow

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I have Mary Ann Warner who married John Harr 7 Sep 1865 in Woodford Co. I believe this is the Mary Ann who was married to Calvin Warner. Calvin died in 1862. Mary Ann is in 1880 census as widow (last name Warner) with her 2 sons, William & George Warner, dau. Ida Harr, 13, & stepson Gushey? Shrieves 16.

Can anyone help me sort out this mess?

Need info on the Harr family.

Kris Murray

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My family settled in Woodford County, Illinois around 1880. The family name is now "Ridder" but I'm finding it as "Reder" on early census records.

1880 census reads:
William Reder 34 born "Lebedaltsmolt" which I strongly believe is actually "Lippe-Detmold" (spelled phonetically by the census taker) parents from Freizland (Freisland)
Johanna 34
Mathias 8
Alena 6
Catherute 4

The family hadn't been in Roanoke, Woodford, Illinois very long before the census. They were in Nebraska in the 1890's, but returned by 1900.

Mathias married in Nebraska to Anna Lemster. They had at least one child in Eureka, Illinois (my great-grandmother), Johanna Inzalena Ridder, born January 3, 1900.

Mathias and his family migrated to Carroll County, Indiana by 1910.

Anyone with information about this family (Ridder) or the Lemster or Mennssen family, please get in touch.

Candace (Clawson) Spence

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I am researching an unknown Metamora marriage date (somewhere between
1905 and 1909, most likely 1908) for Alfred Philipp and Winnie (surname unknown).

She was born September 30, 1872 in Davenport, Iowa, and he was a German immigrant, having settled in Rock Island, IL. Her maiden name would be of great interest, also. Her mother's
maiden name is said to be Marie Anderson.

Thank you.

Sharon Hampton

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My name is Gale Red. I am the coordinator for the Illinois Confederate Graves Project. We are trying to find the graves of all Confederate veterans buried in Illinois. To date we have identified 920 men across the state, not including the over 13,00 men buried in the five national cemeteries of the state.

As we find these men, we also try to learn all we can about each man, try to make contact with possible living descendants, and insure their graves are marked. These men are truly our "lost" veterans.

Below I am pasting the names of those we have already identified in Woodford County. As you can see, we are missing the cemetery locations for two of the men. If you can help find the cemetery they are buried in, that will truly be a great help. And If anyone can add other possible names, please have them contact me at the below E-Mail address.

Thanks so much.
Gale Red

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Woodford County Confederate Veterans

Olio Cemetery at Eureka, Olio Twp:

MCCORMICK, Patrick, Pvt., Co. I, 17th VA Infantry, CSA,  b.a. 1840  (VA), d. unknown

                (This is an unconfirmed veteran)

 Panther Creek Church of the Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery, east of Roanoke:

EKISS, John, Virginia Unit, Confederate, VA, b. 1847 (VA), d. 1928

NOFSINGER, William A., Pvt., 12th & 20th Battalions, Battery C (Bowyer's), VA Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. 30 Oct 1826 (VA),  d. 8 Jul 1896, Row 1N, Lot 10.

SWITZER, John (Johannes) H., Pvt. Co. F, 52nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Jun 1821 (VA), d. 1908               


* Unknown Cemetery, Cruger Twp.:

* SWISHER, Henry K., Cpl., Co. B, 10th Battalion VA Infantry Reserves, CSA, b. 1826 (VA), d. between 1900 and 1910
* HODGES, Aaron J., Cpl., Co. H, 3rd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1830 (VA), d. after 1880                






























I'm searching for my family who lived in Woodford county:

My gg great grand parent, Charles A. Blackmon, b. 1838 in Ohio, d. 1873 , Washburn Woodford County.
Burial Mount Vernon. He was a wounded civil war vet.

Amanda C. Blackmon " nee Davis " b. 1835 , d. 1911 . burial Mount Vernon cemetery,
Woodford county

They had 2 children that know of, Dora b. 6-1-1866, burial Mount Vernon cemetery, Woodford county, Washburn, IL
Vergnia b. 7-29-1873, d. 2-14-1937, burial in Springdale cemetery. Peoria, IL. Peoria county.

I am looking for any information about them or their family, obituaries, or if they live in town or on farm. Also I'm told he changed his name from Blackman to Blackmon ?

Thank you,

Thomas H. Addington

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Dewitt Clinton York resided in El Paso around 1880-1890 until he passed away in 1924.  He is my husband's great-great grandfather, he was married to Sarah Jane Cannon and they had 7 children together. 

Our first brick wall is we are trying to find out who his parents were.  We are pretty sure he was born in La Salle County, though...but El Paso is where the paper trail ends...or begins, whichever the case may be. 

My husband's great grandfather, named Henry Sheely married Dewitt's daughter Mable, which is his great grandmother.  I have reason to believe that Henry Sheely was born in Spring Bay according to one census record I found, but we are unable to determine if this was him or his parents for sure.  If you could please help us, we would greatly appreciate it.  Any information you could provide for the family would be more than welcome! 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Jessica Herren


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  Thomas and Anne Payne Peacock were last known to live in Woodford County Illinois in the 1860 Census in Secor.  After that they went missing.

 They were parents of M. Joseph Peacock, his wife Mary Kindred Peacock and 10 grandchildren in McLean County and Bureau County Illinois. From Wyanet Illinois, Joseph and his family came to Iowa to Iowa County to live.

The family story is that the older couple died and were buried in Mossville Cemetery - Peoria County Illinois, where they lived in the 1850's. As you know that Cemetery is abandoned and lost without any records to go on. I have a photo of Joseph and his mother taken in Wyanet Illinois September, 1868, so we presume Ann was still living at that time.

So my Brick Wall is finding out where Thomas and Anne died and were buried.

I've been to Illinois searching for the past few years and find nothing.


Janis Peacock

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 John MACRANDER arrived in Woodford Co. IL after 1850 in the vicinity of Metamora, and continued in his occupation of tanner and possibly glove maker, before beginning a new occupation of farmer, which he continued the rest of his life until his death in 1910 in northwestern Missouri. Is there any known historic record of his time spent in Woodford Co., IL?

The limited information I have is drawn from a vanity biographical sketch for residents of Nodaway and Atchison Counties in Missouri, published in 1901 and is limited in descriptions of Woodford Co., IL affiliations.

A ancestral grandmother of John MACRANDER in his hometown in the Kingdom of Prussia was a Miss WALDSCHMIDT who married a MACRANDER husband. I have noted the WALDSHCMIDT name among the Woodford Co., surnames.

John MACRANDER married Sarah Frances ARTHUR, a native of Bedford Co., Virginia. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth MACRANDER was born in Woodford Co., in 1854. Parents of Sarah Frances were William Eli ARTHUR and Frances WEST (or HACKWORTH), previously of Bedford Co. and Roanoke Co., VA who may also have been residents of Woodford Co., IL simultaneously with the MACRANDER family.

John MACRANDER was born in 1819 at Wetzlar, a town on the Lahn River, Rhineland Province, Kingdom of Prussia, where he had apprenticed at age 15 after attending school, under his father Johannes MACRANDER, a master tanner, to become a white leather tanner. On July 10, 1840, John arrived in Baltimore, MD aboard the brig "EMIL" out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He came to join his older brother, Dr. Johann Friedrich Jacob Macrander, a medical doctor in Frederick Co., MD.

John Macrander worked in one of the numerous tanneries in Frederick, MD for a few years, then the brothers MACRANDER and the elder MACRANDER's family relocated to Harrisburg, PA and later in 1847, to Big Lick (City of Roanoke), Roanoke Co., VA. John continued as a glove maker in Virginia. He may have worked with Amazia H. ARTHUR, an older brother of his future wife, Sarah Frances, in the glove factory in Roanoke, VA.

John journeyed west after the 1850 Federal Census for Virginia. By 1859, the ARTHUR extended family and the MACRANDER couple were in Buchanan Co., MO near Taos Crossroads (now Halleck). In 1860 John and Sarah Frances (ARTHUR) MACRANDER relocated to an 80 acre property suitable for agriculture, in Atchison Co., MO near the East Tarkio branch of the Tarkio River, NE of the village of Tarkio and SE of the present day town of Westboro which was established later when a railway was constructed in the area. The land had been purchased from a couple residing in Woodford County, IL before the ARTHUR and MACRANDER families moved to MO.

Jim Macrander

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 I am searching for two families from the Minonk area....#1 is the family of Andrew Adams. He came to Minonk abt 1870 from Pa.   His wife got killed or committed suicide by train in about 1895.....I would be interested if there is an obit for her in the Minonk Paper.
The second family is William H Johnson and his wife Alma...they had two sons, William b. abt 1871 and Jacob b. abt 1875.....His widow resided in Chicago in 1900...and information given suggests the husband and two sons were deceased by then...
Any information will be appreciated....

Dorothy  St. Louis

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My ggrandfather, William Arthur Chapman, joined the Civil War at age 19 on May 25, 1864 in Woodford County. He was in Co.I 145th Illinois Inf. Discharged September 23, 1864 at Camp Butler, Il. (Was there a town named
Kappa?) He was born in Oneida Co, NY.

I thought perhaps his parents lived in Woodford County. The next I can find him, he and my ggrandmother, Nellie May Schwartz, are living in Burlington, IA and my grandmother, Gertrude Louisa is five years old. I don't know if he married in Woodford County or met Nellie May in Iowa. I don't know how to find out if the Chapman family lived in Woodford County.

Can you give me some guidance?

Thanks so much,

 Dee Harding

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His family was there on the 1860 Woodford County census. William joined the Union Army, 77th Reg. Co. H, in 1861and was killed at Vicksburg MS, May 22, 1863. I have his military records.

Their oldest son, William Worthington died at age 12, 22 Aug. 1862 and is buried in the Davison Cemetery. Are there newspapers that may have carried an obituary for him?

Sarah WORTHINGTON sold the farm and moved to Nebraska in 1872.

Donna Springer

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Jessie Mildred Bayles was a one-room country school teacher for 30 years from the time she graduated from Illinois State Normal University in 1918, until she retired in 1948 when the country schools were consolidated.

Today, her grandchildren and great grandchildren know that she taught in both rural Woodford County and rural McLean County but we donít know exactly where and what the names of the country schools were.

If anyone knows, or was taught by Mrs. Bayles, I would appreciate hearing from them.


Marie in Illinois

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 I am looking for info on the ISCH family.

According to the 1910 census they were in Cazenovia, Woodford, Illinois.

Father John Isch, wife Lucia, and children Bertha, Ida, Lucia, Jeanette, Amelia, Henry and George.

It has been said that the family owned a jewelry store in town somewhere, but I don't know when or where. They did not arrive in the US until Jan of 1885 so it had to be after that point. Any info you have on the family at all would be appreciated.

John and Lucia would be my great, great, great, great grandparents.

Thank you,

Amy Dixon
Merrillville, IN

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 Asahel Theodore Hayes died 1 October 1888 and a small notice on his death was found in the EL Paso Newspaper.  This stated he was buried in the HART Cemetery. 

Does anyone know of this cemetery? 


His wife Nancy McFaddin Hayes died in 1885 and possibly she maybe buried in this cemetery also.
Shirley Weber

Shirley's E-Mail


[There is a Hartman Cemetery listed in Eureka. Could anyone do a "look-up" on that cemetery? Thanks, Bill]
















I am looking for information on my GGG Grandparents John & Jane (Cochran) Hull.

I know they moved from Perry Co. Ohio to Woodford Co. between the 1850 & 1860 Census.   I have found them on the 1850 census in Perry Co. Ohio & the 1860 census for Woodford Co, Ill.   I have not been able to find any other information on John or Jane other than the 1860 census.  

I am looking for Death & Burial records for them.  I would also like to find marriage records for their daughters Mary, Francis & Catherine.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I know there is a land deed for the sale of land from John & Jane Hull of Woodford, Co Ill. to Samuel Hull of Perry Co. Ohio.   I would like to get a copy of this as well if possible.

Rick Covic

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 My g grandfather Owen Henry Sowards was born in 1830 in Woodford County (or an adjoining county.) He died in the 1890's in Marshall County.

 He married Eda Hunter, daughter of Eliza Jane Martin (sister of Joseph Martin and niece of Nathan Owen) and James Hunter.

He had a brother John Sowards (not the John Sowards, son of Daniel and Sarah Sowards). Though there are several Sowards' in the area at the time, I have never found proof of his parents. One story says he was orphaned at an early age.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Colleen Benedickt

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I'm looking for Matthias Schwenk, Mary or Mary Ann Kerker, Caroline (Carrie) Schwenk, and William Souba.

I know that Matthias and Mary were married Feb 3, 1870 and Carrie was born 1871. Carrie married William unk date and she is buried in Washburn. Her second husband was John Heitz.

I would appreciate any leads.

Marcia Souba McDermott

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I am researching Jacob Wilson's family in Missouri and Kansas.  I think that I have the right Jacob Wilson.  My information states that Jacob was b. 1799, m. 13 Jan 1817 in Jackson Co., Indiana and d. 15 Sep 1869 in Tazewell Co., Illinois.   It looks like Jacob Wilson settled in Spring Bay, Woodford County, Illinois in 1828.
His son Reid Wylie Wilson married Martha Jane Brown.  Her parents were Abram Joseph Brown and Margaret Holland Wilson.  Abram died 3 May 1849 in Woodford Co., Illinois.  Reid and Martha died in Harrison County, Missouri. 
I'm trying to find out more about who Reid's brothers and sisters might be and if I have the right Jacob Wilson.  There is a Jacob, Jr. and Jacob, Sr. mentioned on an 1820 Fayette County, Indiana.
Thank you for your time! 


Sue Clark

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 I am looking for information  ( or contacts with their descendants) about the following  individuals who I believe to be related to my great grandfather John G. Schieber (born 2-11-1842 in Germany and died April 1, 1908 at Metamora, IL)
1.  David Christian Schieber (born 1-28-1855 in Germany and died February 15, 1926 at Secor)  believed to a brother to John G. Schieber
2.  Helen (Mrs. Gotfried) Harseim born about 1832 in Germany.  She is listed in the obituary of John G. Schieber as being his sister.  I found her on the 1880 census as living at Secor with Godfred Harseim and a daughter Mary age 19.  I haven't been able to find her on other census.
3.  Marie P. Zinkan (born 9-22-1880 in Germany and died in 1961 at Secor).  Her obituary states that she is the daughter of William P. and Rosina Schieber Lutz.  John G. Schieber's obituary states that Mrs. Mary Zinkan, a granddaughter, of El Paso attended.
Thank You
A. Meyer

















  I am the great-grandson of Samuel Wilson, born in Secor, Woodford,  Illinois, November 7, 1853. It seems that he may have moved to Ford County sometime before 1878 as he was married on February 28, 1878 to  Mary Jane Kirk.

I wondered if you might have any further information  about his family? I know from family records that his father's name was  Jonathan Roberts Wilson, but not sure about the maiden name of his
mother, Sarah Jane.

Any help you might be able to give would be appreciated.


Gailen E. Evans

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I am trying to find Gilbert Field. He married Rhoda Soward 18 Oct 1818, paid taxes on land in 1825 in Lasalle Prairie Ill, was in the 1830 census in Tazwell Ill.,purchased land in 1835 in Woodford Cty, and was buried in Section 15 Partridge Township in Ill. Rhoda was listed in the 1840 census with Filander, Hyram, Sarah, and Melissa but she had no husband so he must have died between 1835 and 1840. I cannot find his grave or who his father was or where he was born. If anyone know anything, please let me know.


Marilynn Wood

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My grandmother was born on May 16, 1874.  Her name was Gertrude Bleull and her parents were, Otto Bleull and Rosella Schickling.  Her grandparents were, Chris Bleull and Anna Stabb.  Thatís all I know about them.  Iím not sure that my grandmother was born in Woodford County, but her brother and sister were born in Benson, Woodford County, Illinois.  Her sister, Mary Margaret, was born on Dec 17 ?? and married John Wimer Schlosser on October 15, 1901.  She died February 11, 1945.   Her brother, Joseph, was born December 13, 1880 in Benson and he married Margaret Mary Schlosser on January 11, 1905.  He died on March 19, 1952.  As you can see, thereís a strong Schlosser connection there.   

I always hit a dead end when I try to find out more about my grandmother and her family.  So if there is anyone out there that has a tidbit about the Bleulls or the Schlickings, Stabbs or Schlossers, I would be happy to hear about it.  I would be ecstatic if someone had pictures.  All I have is a picture of my grandmother when she was very old. 

Jane Miscavich

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  Jacob Baker( b. Mar 2, 1832) married Elizabeth Bradle on Aug. 12 1862 in Woodford County. He died Jan 26, 1888 in Eureka. They had 9 children including Ella Baker Wingstern ( wife of John) who lived in Eureka until her death in 1966. I know nothing of Jacob prior to his marriage. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jacqueline Sabharwal

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  The brick wall I am working on at the moment is Robert Sharpe, his
daughter Mary Agnes (Mayme) married Robert Render . I have found him in
the cemetery but am having trouble finding anything else about him.

Thank you,

Alice Dierker

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I am always looking for information on Richard G. Crouch, my Great Grandfather, who lived in the Metamora area in the late 1840's. It is my understanding he owned a blacksmith shop and owned a saw mill on Panther Creek.

His first wife Sarah Crouch is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

After leaving Woodford County he moved on to Livingston County where he lived until 1904.

Thank you,
Dave Crouch

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I would be interested in any information on Thomas M. Truitt who lived in Woodford County around 1880 to 1905.  Also Samuel Jones who married Hattie Truitt and Owen Ison Truitt.


 Bob Butler

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Here's my highest brick wall!

My gg grandfather, John R. Warner, died abt. 1860-61. His wife Sarah died abt. 1880-81. Can't find where they are buried.

Olive Branch Cemetery is located on the farmland they owned. There are 3 marked graves there, but nothing for John R. & Sarah.

The rest of the Woodford County Warners are buried in Secor Cem. & Evergreen Cem. in ElPaso.

Sure would like to find them.

Thanks for any help,

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