Woodford County Business Directory


Transcribed from:  "From Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois (Wm. Le Baron, Jr. & Co., 1878)"

Transcribed and donated by Amy Robbins-Tjaden

Thanks once again, Amy.


Benson Eureka Minonk Washburn
Cazenovia Kappa Panola Worth
Cruger Low Point Roanoke Miscellaneous
El Paso Metamora Spring Bay  



Abrahams & Zinser, Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Farm Implements, Seeds, &c. Manufacturers of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.

Austman, L.A., Physician and Surgeon.

Avas, John, Breeder of Fine Horses, Norman and Belgian a Specialty. Residence, Section 36, Clayton Township, P.O. Benson.

Brubaker, A.H. Buys, Sells and Ships Corn, Hogs and Cattle.

Cavan, O.A., Proprietor of Hotel and Livery.

Cavan Brothers, Dealers in all kinds of Grain, Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Hair, Lime and Cement. Also, Vermilion Coal by the Ton or Carload.

Fritze, George & Co., Dealers in Grain, Lumber, Coal and Agricultural Implements.

Heinke, Henry, Jr., Proprietor of the Farmers' Home Billiard Hall and Sample Room. Also agent for the Peoria German Demokrat. Brick Block.

Learned, F.D., Dealer in Drugs, Paints, Oils, Groceries, School and Miscellaneous Books, Wall Paper, Notions. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully prepared. Justice of the Peace, Notary Public and Insurance Agent.

Renne, J.B., Justice of the Peace and Notary Public, Real Estate, Collecting and General Insurance Agent. Also Dealer in Farm Implements and Stone Coal. Also General Auctioneer.

Slemmons, D. McI., Physician and Surgeon.

Zinser, B.F., Agent for the Continental Fire Insurance Co., of N.Y. Assets over $3,000,000. Surplus nearly $1,000,000.

Wineteer, R.F., Live Stock Dealer and Feeder. Flowing Well Farm, three miles west of Minonk, Woodford County, Illinois.

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Amsler, Samuel, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Hardware, Queensware and Drugs. The highest market price paid for Country Produce.

Perry, Paul J., (Postmaster), Harness Maker and Breeder of Fine Poultry.

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Harlan, J.N., Grain and Stock Dealer

Schreiber, F. J., Dealer in Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware, etc.

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Busch, C., Dealer in Flour and Feed.

Bank of El Paso, Shur, Tompkins & Co.

Chitty, Cassell & Gibson, Attorneys at Law, El Paso and Metamora.

Christ & Brown, Manufacturers of Wagons and Carriages, Repairing of all kinds done promptly on short notice, West Side.

Cable, D.S., Dealer in Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, &c. Particular attention given to Jobbing in Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper. West Front st., at Burlingim's old stand.

Campbell House, Geo. H. Campbell, Proprietor. Trains stop at this hotel for meals.

Cavan, A.M., Attorney at Law.

Cassell, R.T., Attorney at Law.

Cole, Frederick, M.D., Physician and Surgeon.

El Paso Journal, Irving Carrier & H.H. Coleman, Editors.

Ferrell, B.F. & Co., Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, &c.

Gibson, Geo. L., Dealer in Real Estate.

Gingerich, Daniel, Saloon.

Hoagland, C.S., Insurance Agent.

Hoagland, W.K., Dealer in Agricultural Implements and Seeds.

Harper, John T., Attorney at Law.

Harper & Adams, Real Estate and Loan Agents. Farms bought and sold, East Side.

Kurz, Louis, Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes.

Jenkins & Evans, Dealers in Grain, Flour and Feed.

McClelan, W.H. & Co, Dealers in Grain.

McKinney, A.S., Dealer in Lumber, Lime, Hair, Cement, &c.

Newton, S.S., Justice of the Peace.

Neifing, Wm., Undertaker, Manufacturer and Dealer in Saddles, Harness, &c., Front st.

O'Brien & Co, Dealers in Farm Machinery, &c.

Rogers, S.T. & Co., Dealers in Drugs, Books, Stationery, Notions, Toys, Cigars, Tobacco, Newspapers, Sheet Music and Musical Merchandise.

Riedel, Charles, Agent Cincinnati Lager Beer.

Shur, C.P. & Co., Dealers in General Merchandise.

Sweet & Barfoot, Meat Market, East and West Front sts.

Servan, J.H., Dealer in Pianos, Organs and Musical Merchandise.

Strathmann, Aug., Dealer in all kinds of Furniture. Latest styles of Parlor Suites, Chamber Sets, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture always on hand. Also a large stock of Trunks and Valises. Undertaking a Specialty. Orders solicited and promptly filled. Rooms on East and West Sides.

Schafer, C., Dealer in General Merchandise.

Woodford County Co-operative Association, Dealers in Groceries, Seeds, Agricultural Machinery. Shippers of Grain, &c. C. J. Hitch, Business Manager.

Willis, W.R., Attorney at Law.

Young, Geo. M., Freight and Ticket Agent Illinois Central R.R., Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw R.R., National Line and Start Union Line.

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Briggs & Meek, Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Chancery. Will practice in all courts in the State, examine and perfect titles, collect debts, etc.

Chritton, Robert B., Eureka Steam Flour Mills, Merchant and Custom Mills.

Damerell, Henry, The Sign of the Big Red Boot, Boot and Shoe Store. Boots and Shoes of all sizes and qualities for Ladies, Misses and Children. Also, Slippers in great varieties; assortment of the finest quality of French Calf Boots. A fit guaranteed or no sale. Call and see me before purchasing elsewhere. Remember the old stand, two doors north of Post Office.

Eureka Journal, R.N. Radford, Editor and Proprietor.

Eureka Hotel, A. Blair, Proprietor. The only hotel in Eureka. Accomodations first class. Good Sample Room for commercial men.

Eureka College Messenger, a monthly periodical. Prof. A.S. Fisher, Editor.

King, Omar, Livery Stable. Keeps on hand good and first class Carriages and Buggies and fine Stock. Half block west of Eureka Hotel.

Magarity, J.M., Drug Store. West side of Public Square. The only first class Drug Store in the city where can be found Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Soaps, Brushes, Sponges, Perfumery, etc., etc. Physicians' prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered with care and dispatch. Farmers and physicians from the country will find my stock of Medicines complete. Warranted genuine and of the best quality.

Murray, J.M., Grain Dealer.

Powell, Jerry, Manager Livery Stable. The most elegant Carriages and Buggies and best Horses in the city, assisted by Mr Henry Barney, who has had 16 years' experience in the livery business. South side of the Public Square, opposite Eureka Hotel.

Vandike & Gift, Proprietors of the Orient Mills. The best brands, Orient A., Premium and New Process. Merchant and Custom Mills.

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Jaynes, James, Dealer in Grain.

Lallmann, George, Dealer in General Merchandise.

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Drennen, David, Dealer in Agricultural Implements. All kinds of First Class Farm Machinery for sale.

Pinkerton, Oscar, Tile Manufacturer. The best quality of Assorted Sizes of Tile constantly on hand and for sale. Established in 1878.

Dodds, John E., Dealer in Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware, Queensware, Ready Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Drugs and Medicines. Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods. Marion Patton, Business Manager and Salesman.

Ellsworth, L.H., Wagon Maker and Blacksmith. Machinery, Guns, Pistols and Clocks repaired.

Piper, James, Grain and Live Stock Buyer. Lumber and Coal for sale.

Drennen, Thomas, Notary Public, Insurance and Collection Agent. Collections given prompt and careful attention, and proceeds remitted promptly.

Gardner, Jairus, Brick Manufacturer. Yard four miles west of Low Point, on Chillicothe road. A good quality of Brick constantly on hand and for sale. Residence at Low Point.

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Bassett, F.M., County Clerk.

Brown, W.P., Attorney at Law.

Bosworth House, J.P. Bosworth, Proprietor.

Bailey, S.O., Black and White Smith.

Briggs, F.F., Undertaker and Embalmer, Agent for Prof. Rhodes' Electric Balm.

Cassell, W.J., Loan Agent and Note Broker.

Chitty, Cassell & Gibson, Attorneys at Law. Metamora and El Paso.

Ellwood, W.L., Attorney at Law and Police Magistrate.

Ellis, Joseph M., Dealer in Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, etc.

Egbert, S.W., Carpenter and Builder.

Feilitzsch, L.F., Attorney and Counselor at Law and Solicitor in Chancery.

Garmon, Gish, Constable and Collector.

Kinnear, A.H., Physician and Surgeon.

Martin, Henry, Carpenter and Builder.

Mangin, Emile, Saloon.

Noirot Bros., Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Harness, Saddles, etc.

Portman, Nicholas, Dealer in General Merchandise.

Page, J.W. & Co., Bankers and Dealers in Groceries.

Page, Adino, Justice of the Peace and General Collecting Agent.

Plank, Elijah, Attorney at Law.

Reeder, Jacob H., Wagon and Carriage Maker.

Sommer, Jacob, Dealer in Agricultural Implements.

Schertz, Peter, Dealer in Lumber, Grain, etc., Manufacturer of Nesmith's Champion Grain Register.

Tool. M., Proprietor Home Mill.

Thode, Geo., Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Wernert, Charles Th., Saloon.

Woodford Sentinel, Geo. L. Harl, Editor and Publisher; J.C. Irving, Local Editor.

Wikoff, Isaac, Banker, Bookseller, News Dealer, Druggist, etc.

Walden, T.D., Druggist, Bookseller, News Dealer and Jeweler,

Whitmire, J.W. & Co., Physicians and Surgeons.

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Bell, J.E.P., Justice of the Peace and Insurance Agent.

Bell, John A., General Agent Wilson Sewing Machines; also Dealer in Pianos and Organs.

Barnett & Pielstick, Dealers in Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions, Groceries, Produce and Flour.

Brown & Wylie, Grain Dealers and Shippers.

Clarke, Thomas P., Proprietor of the City Express and Passenger Transfer Co. Prompt attention given to the transfer of Passengers, Baggage, Freight and Team Work generally. Also Agent of the American Express Company, and Telegraph Agent.

Christians, H.A., Dealer in all kinds of Agricultural Implements, Seeds, etc.

Delmonico Restaurant and Hotel, Hot Meals at all hours; Confectionery, Fresh Oysters, Choice Brands of Cigars kept constantly on hand. John McKeever, Prop. (successor to O.S. Lee).

Dobson, Charles & Co., Proprietors Minonk Mills and Dealers in Flour, Meal, Buckwheat, Graham, Rye Flour and all kinds of Mill Feed. Cash paid for wheat.

Dobson, F.P., Civil Engineer, Sioux Falls, Dakota, is prepared to locate Claims, do all kinds of Surveying, Platting and Mapping. Roads, Railroads and Bridges a specialty. Office in Post Office Building.

Ferrin, H.K., Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Collection and Fire Insurance Agent. All business entrusted to my care will receive prompt attention.

Fort, J.M., Attorney at Law, Notary Public and Dealer in Real Estate. Editor and Proprietor of Minonk Blade, and Publisher of Dana Herald, Ranson Times, Benson Argus, Rutland Post and Roanoke News.

Gilbert, J.W., Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, etc.

Goodrich & Newton, Dealers in Lumber Shingles, Lath, Pickets, posts, Sash, Doors and Blinds, Mouldings, Hair, Lime, Cement, Stone, Sand, etc. Office opposite I.C.R.R. Depot. All Dressed Lumber kept constantly covered in good sheds.

Kipp & Gordeon, Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, Lime, Sand, Cement, Stucco, Plastering Hair and Drain Tile.

Koethen, G., dealer in Books, Newspapers, Stationery, Music and Musical Instruments, Paper Hangings, Paper and Paper Stock. In Opera House.

McCarty, M., Physician and Surgeon.

Morris & Sipple, Carpenters and Builders. Cabinet Work a specialty, Dealers in all kinds of Lumber, Specifications furnished on application. Office shop, west of Smith's livery stable. Dealers in Paints of all kinds.

Newell, M.L., Attorney at Law and Notary Public.

Preisinger & Gay, Blacksmithing and Wagon Making. All work, Repairing, etc., done on short notice.

Pope, Benjamin, Meat Market.

Sabin, R.W., Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Simpson, W.C., Attorney at Law and Notary Public.

Simpson & Kidder, Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Crockery, Glassware and Groceries. Ladies' Fine Shoes a specialty.

Taylor, William J., Livery and Feed Stable. Also Importer and Breeder of fine Horses.

Van Pelt, C.J., Agent for the Illinois Central R.R. at Minonk.

Von Nordheim, Ed., Dealer in all kinds of Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, etc.

Webber House, R.L. Hamilton, Proprietor; east side Illinois Central Depot. Good Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers.

Webber Bros. & Miller, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Wagons and Carriages.

Warren, G.S., Grain Dealer. Grain and Live Stock at Bennett, Neb.

Wilcox, E.A., Physician and Surgeon.

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Hodgson, Edwin, Breeder and Dealer in fine Norman and Clydesdale Horses. Two miles north of El Paso, Ill.

Hodgson, Levi, Importer and Breeder of Norman Horses, Imported and Grade Horses for sale, also Poland-China Hogs. One mile east of Panola, Ill.

Myers, O.P.A., Dealer Feeder and Shipper of Stock and Hogs.

Miller, J.B., Dealer in Cattle and Hogs, with A.H. Brubaker.

Patton, John L., two miles west of Panola, Ill., Breeder and Dealer in as pure Poland-China Hogs as can be found in the State, and also in Short Horned Cattle.

Raymann, Louis, Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Harness, Saddles, etc. Repairing of all kinds done in the neatest manner.

Schweizer, John, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Corn and all kinds of Produce.

Saltsman, Henry, has kept Hotel and Boarding House since 1856, and does the Livery business of the town.

Swartz, Joseph B., Breeder and Dealer of Norman Horses and Fine Stock.

Stephenson, C.M., Secretary and Agent of the County Mutual Insurance Association. The farmers' own society. Residence two miles north of Secor. P.O. Secor.

Sheen, Peter, Dealer and Breeder of fine Farm and Carriage Horses.

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Barney, Hiram, Real Estate; Property for sale and exchange.

Frantz, John, Dealer in General Merchandise. Pays highest prices for all kinds Country Produce.

Hollenback & Ricky, Grain Buyers. Elevator.

Hatcher & Jeter, Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware and Agricultural Implements.

Mock, M.L., Real Estate, Insurance, Justice of the Peace and Notary. Represents New York and Continental Life, Etna, Hartford, Phoenix, etc.; also Negotiates Loans.

Snider, Isaac, Grist and Flouring mill.

Stoddard, A.D., Carpenter and Builder.

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Eichhorn, Peter, Proprietor Brewery.

Ege, John, Carpenter and Dealer in Lumber.

Friedrich, Ernst, Miller.

Koempel, Jacob, Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes. Repairing neatly done.

Scheerer, Casper, Wagon Maker.

Williams, L., Grain Buyer.

Zeller, J., Physician and Surgeon.

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Bruce, S.C., Editor and Proprietor of Washburn News. Job Work neatly done.

Aicher, Benedickt, Proprietor of Central House. Also, Dealer in Groceries. The Central House is located a short distance from the depot, with clean, airy rooms, and will be found a pleasant resort for travelers.

Rockhill, C. & Co., Dealers in Groceries and Queensware. Good assortment always on hand.

Pelz, Reinhold, Harness Maker, Manufacturer and Dealer in Saddles and Harness, Collars, Blankets, Whips, Curry Combs, Brushes, Fly Nets, etc.

Jones, S.V., Lawyer, Insurance and Collection Agent.

Hutchison, Joseph A., Blacksmith and Wagon Maker.

Iunker, August, Miller. Custom Work done to order. Flour and Meal for sale.

Black, J.M., & Co., Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime and Cement, Builders' Hardware, Nails, etc. Live Stock bought.

Pelz, Herman J., Druggist and Apothecary. Also, Dealer in all kinds of Books and Stationery, Paints, Oils, Brushes, etc., etc. Also, Proprietor of the following Standard Preparations: The American Cough Syrup, The American Standard Stomach Bitters, The American Standard Blood and Liver Pills, The American Standard Liniment, The American Standard Gin.

Washburn Bank of Frank N. Ireland; receives Deposits, makes Collections, loans Money, sells Ocean Passage Tickets, Sight Drafts of the Principal Cities of the United States and Europe. General Insurance Agency.

Black's Hall, in Black's brick block. Seating capacity 500. Terms reasonable. John M. Black, Proprietor.

Ehringer & Eichhorn, Manufacturers and Dealers in Furniture of all kinds. Also, Coffins, Caskets, and everything in the Undertaker's line, including an elegant Hearse for funeral purposes. Established June, 1878.

McCulloch, S.W., Grain Buyer and Dealer in Coal.

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Bauer, Peter, Dealer in Groceries, Notions and Small Wares. Sec. 21.

Alig, Peter, Proprietor of Union House. Sec. 27.

Trapp, P. Frank, Proprietor of the "Germantown House". Sec. 29.

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Chapman, R.U., Dr., Physician and Surgeon; home and office on his farm, three miles west of Kappa, El Paso Tp.

Cole, Warren, Manufacturer of Creamery, Butter, and full Cream Cheese; Sec 36; Clayton Township, Woodford, Ill.

Ramey, G.W., Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Hardware, and in fact most articles kept in country stores. Country produce taken in exchange for goods. Store located at Rameyville, on the river road three miles east of Chillicothe.

Tribbey, P.L., Dr., Physician and Surgeon; Secor.

Wallace, John, Stock Dealer, very extensively for many years. Washburn, Ill.

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