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The picture on the left of the logo is Nathaniel and Philip Livingston of Minonk, donated by Glenn Oltman. The other picture is of unidentified World War II Veterans in front to the Metamora Courthouse, donated by Marjorie Grebner Welsch.

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From an untitled newspaper clipping, dated May 30, 1918

Thirty Tomorrow

Woodford County to Send Another Contingent of Soldier Boys

Tomorrow at Eureka thirty more men will mobilize at 3:00 o'clock, when a program will be given under direction of a committee from El Paso. In all the other events of like character Eureka citizens have had charge of the program, but hereafter it is asked and expected that other towns for the county will see to it that the boys are given a good sendoff. The men in tomorrow's call number thirty-six, the last named in the list which follows being alternates who are to replace any of the first named thirty who may not go. The call embraces the following, the figures preceding the names being the county liability number. The township named are those from which the boys registered:

650.    Lawrence Dammerell, Linn.
655.    Ernest Becker, Cazenovia.
451.    Lester Smith, Metamora.
493.    Christian Zoss, Linn.
529.     Peter Springer, Linn.
1102.  Walter Yordy, Palestine.
361.     Rudolph Schultz, Metamora.
644.     C. Porzelius, Palestine.
657.     Edward Miller, Palestine.
669.     Theo. Rohman, Spring Bay
671.     Chas. Sullivan, Clayton.
699.     Minet Saathoff, Minonk.
708.     Edward Dammerell, Linn.
710.     John Stortz, Roanoke.
724.     Joseph Wagner, Metamora.
727.     Herman Noll, Worth.
740.     Isom Henby, Minonk.
742.     John Behrens, Greene.
748.     George Wessell, Roanoke.
752.     Norman Winkler, Montgomery.
772.     Henry Harbers, Linn.
783.     Arnold Wyss, Metamora.
797.     Harbor Trevis, Montgomery.
806.     Raymond Knoll, Palestine,
810.     William G. Roberts, Panola.
826.     Anton Schmidt, Worth.
857.     August Cordes, Clayton.
862.     John Fisher, Cruger.
872.     Ralph Ioerger, Panola.
873.     Ralph Wine, Linn.


875.     Jasper Reynolds, Worth.
880.     Chester Hall, El Paso.
891.     Roscoe Newkirk, El Paso.
903.     George Kuntsman, Olio.
904.     Edward Steffin, Panola.
249.     Frank L. Hartly, Olio.

In the list published last week of those who went to Jefferson barracks on May 24 were the names of Grant Hewitt (1360) of Cazenovia, John J. Harms (1624) of Clayton and Carl J. Flessner (1653) of Minonk. We since learn that these were either disqualified or excused and that John Rocke (510) of Roanoke who was not included in the mobilization call, Frank Black (392) alternate of Linn, and Frank Kanive (403) alternate of Cazenovia took their places.

Tomorrow's Program.

The El Paso committee has arranged to take the Boy Scout band over to Eureka in autos, leaving El Paso as soon after 1:00 p.m. as possible, providing the roads will permit. Last night's rain may force other arrangements. If the band goes over the Scout musket brigade may also go and execute drill maneuvers as one of the features of the program. The exercises will commence at 3:00 on the court house lawn if weather permits, otherwise in the court circuit room. Rev. R. L. Beshers will deliver the address. Part of the program will consist of inducting the thirty men into the national army by the exemption board. The newly sworn-in boys will come to El Paso on the evening south bound passenger for Bloomington where they will entrain for Fort Thomas, Ky. Between trains at El Paso the boys will be entertained in the Commercial club rooms.

These God speed exercises for the embryo "dough boys" should be largely attended by the general public from all parts of the county. These boys go out for their great service as representatives of Woodford county in its entirety and it is proper that everybody should extend a hand clasp and a hearty cheer as they leave us, for the time being let us hope. They are entitled to our encouragement, by spoken word and our financial support. And the more we give the Red Cross the more of them we shall have back home again after the big job is finished.

Transcribed and donated by Amy Robins-Tjaden

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Issued by the Senior Class of Minonk Community High School 1943

To all those gallant lads, from Minonk Community High School, who are defending our country in the Armed Forces, we dedicate this, our third annual in the history of our school.

Our honor roll contains the names of approximately 175 young men who have attended our high school. Not only does this honor roll contain the names of those young men, but also the names of two young women who are doing their part as Army nurses.
Honor Roll Minonk Community High School
Anderson, Quinton - USAC Baker, Merlin - USAC Barth, Andrew - USA
Barth, Charles - USA Barth, Edwin - USA Becker, Raymona - USA
Blackmer, Clifford - USA Blackmer, Harry USA Blackmer, Henry - USA
Buchanan, James - USA Buchanan, Paul - USA Buchness, Robert - USA
Claymond, Herman - USN Cremer, Harm - USA Cremer, Walter - USA
Cufaude, Robert - USMC Cunningham, Kenneth - USA Davis, Earnest - USA
Davis, Glenn - USA Davis, Henry - USN Davis, William - USMC
Denson, Robert - USA Doblesky, George USAC Falk, Elmer - USA
Finik, Edward - USN Finik, Stanley - USA Finnell, Le Roy (no service branch noted)
Fitzgerald, James - USAC Fitzgerald, Joe - USAC Fitzgerald, John - USA
Fitzgerald, Robert - USA Folkers, Ena (no service branch noted) Franklin, James (no service branch noted)
Freeman, Charles (no service branch noted) Fryman, Preston - USA Fuller, Howard (no service branch noted)
Gerdes, Edwin - USA Gerdes, Lawrence - USA Gibbons, Thomas - USA
Goff, Thomas - USA Grassman, Harold - USA Grassman, Winfield - USA
Green, Harry - USA Green, Melvin - USA Gregorich, Blaze - USA
Gresher, James - USA Greskoviak, Clarence - USA Handley, Garvin - USAC
Harms, Alfred - USNAC Harms, Arthur - USA Harms, John - USA
Harms, Roy - USA Hartzler, Fred USMC Hendricks, Dwight - USN
Hindert, Bernard - USA Hindert, James - USN Hinkle, David - USA
Hinkle, Fred - USAC Hinkle, Glen - USA Hodgson, Edwin - USA
Hoswell, Russell - USMAC Hughes, John - USA Ingerski, Jerome - USA
Ingerski, Raymond - USA Ioerger, Harold - USA Jacek, Eldred - USN
Janousky, Charles (no service branch noted) Janousky, Frank USA Janssen, Melvin - USA
Jochums, Oliver (no service branch noted) Johnson, Clarence - USA Johnson, Eldon USA
Jones, Donald (no service branch noted) Jury, Gladys USNNC Kelly, Joe - USA
Kent, John G. - USAC Ketchmark, Steve - USA Kleen, Melvin - USA
Klepfer, Virgil (no service branch noted) Kuehl, Alan - USA Kuehl, Robert - USA
Kuehl, Warren - USA Kunder, Kaywin - USA Leffers, Henry Jr - USA
Lieder, Melvin - USA Liederk, Henry - USA Leiken, Henry - USA
Loftus, Melvin - USA Loftus, Merle - USA Loftus, William USA
Lutomski, Charles - USA Manley, Edward - USA Mars, Raymond - USA
McCormick, Hewlie - USN McCormick, William - USA McKay, John - USA
McKay, Tom - USAC McKeon, Leo - USA McKeon, Lloyd - USA
Meierhofer, Robert - USA Meyer, John Jr - USA Meyer, Vernell -USA
Millard, John - USA Miller, Donald - USA Morey, Floyd - USAC
Morey, John - USAC Morrow, Darrell - USA Oncken, Minard - USMM
Onnen, Henry - USA Onnen, Jack - USMC Parks, Dan - USAC
Persic, Raymond - USA Ramsey, Clayton (no service branch noted) Reese, Donald - USA
Reeves, Donald - USN Reiter, Eric - USN Roberts, Frank - USA
Robertson, Glenn - USA Robertson, Merle - USN Rossman, Ralph - USA
Rowland, Jean - USA Rutkowski, Fred - USA Rutkowski, Lawrence - USA
Sample, James - USA Schleicher, Henry - USA Schneider, Edmund - USA
Schneider, Francis - USA Schrader, Felix - USA Seifert, Emory - USA
Shepherd, Charles - USA Shepherd, John - USA Schields, Pat - USA
Siemers, Glenn - USA Simpson, Allan - USA Sommers, John - USA
Spires, Emerson - USA Sauer, Edward (no service branch noted) Sauer, Raymond - USN
Stalter, Elmer - USA Stevenson, Joe - USAC Stokowski, Jimmy - USCG
Stokowski, John USCG Sullivan, Merle - USA Sutton,k Goerge - USA
Swan, Eldon - USA Swan, Franklin - USA Tarman, Tena - USANC
Taylor, John - USN Thompson, Dale - USN Timmerman, Elmer - USA
Tucker, William - USA Uphoff, Franklin - USA Van Doren, Franklin - USA
Veitinghoff, Art - USAC Von Behren, Louis - USA Von Behren, William - USA
Ward, Neal (no service branch noted) Webster, Harold - USA Welch, Bert - USA
Welch, Robert - USA Wilcox, Robert - USA Wittie, Harrison - USAC
Wittie, Wayne - USN Wypeski, Pat USA Young, Norman - USA
Zalewski, Louis - USA Zike, Hartzler - USA  
Transcribed and donated by Amy Robins-Tjaden

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Woodford County

World War II

 Dead and Missing Army and Air Force Personnel


Data is from the National Archives

Name  rank status
Adams,  Samuel E.  SSG  Finding of Death
Bauman,  Lester J.  SGT  Died, Non-Battle
Brines,  Grover S. Jr.  2 LT  Finding of Death
Burton,  James E.  PFC  Killed in Action
Danhof, William D. SGT Died, Non-Battle
Davis,  Vernon L.  PVT  Killed in Action
Ecker,  Howard R.  SGT  Died, Non-Battle
Ehlers,  Elmer A.  SGT  Killed in Action
Elkin,  John L.  PFC  Killed in Action
Fagot,  Paul A.  2 LT  Died, Non-Battle
Fitzgerald,  Joseph F.  FLO  Killed in Action
Garber,  Harold A.  PVT  Died of Wounds
Gillan,  Robert D.  SGT  Killed in Action
Grassman,  Harold G.  SGT  Killed in Action
Green,  Melvin A.  PVT  Killed in Action
Hardcastle,  Franke A.  PFC  Killed in Action
Hennebelle,  Robert H.  PFC  Died of Wounds
Hibbs,  Richard R.  CPL  Killed in Action
Hielscher,  Paul H.  TEC5  Killed in Action
Jankowsky,  Frank S.  PFC  Killed in Action
Ketchmark,  Thomas F.  TEC5  Killed in Action
Lehnen,  Oscar J.  PVT  Died, Non-Battle
Madison,  William A.  SSG  Died, Non-Battle
Martino,  Robert  PFC  Killed in Action
Mathis,  Clark C.  PVT  Finding of Death
May,  Otto L.  CPL  Killed in Action
McClane,  Owen L.  CPL  Killed in Action
McGuire,  John J.  2LT  Killed in Action
McKeon,  James L.  SSG  Died of Wounds
Miller,  Francis J.  PFC  Killed in Action
Nohren,  Donald S.  PFC  Killed in Action
Obery,  Walter J.  PFC  Died, Non-Battle
Pifer,  Frank E.  TSG  Killed in Action
Pittman,  Henry G.  PVT  Died, Non-Battle
Reeser,  William S.  PFC  Killed in Action
Rinker,  James H.  1LT  Killed in Action
Robbins,  Charles L.  PFC  Killed in Action
Robbins,  Thomas D.  SSG  Died of Wounds
Schrader,  Leonard L.  PVT  Killed in Action
Shepherd,  Donald K.  SGT  Died, Non-Battle
Slave,  Irvin F.  PVT  Died, Non-Battle
Stimpert,  Edward A.  PFC  Killed in Action
Stoller,  Lloyd A.  TEC5  Killed in Action
Stortz,  Victor H.  1LT  Died, Non-Battle
Tarman,  Charles NMI  PFC  Killed in Action
Underwood,  Jessee A.  PVT  Killed in Action
Vogel,  Howard F.  PFC  Killed in Action
Wallis,  Leroy A.  2LT  Killed in Action
Wittmer,  Roy V.  TEC5  Killed in Action
Witzig, Richard B. 1LT Killed in Action
Transcribed and donated by Amy Robbins-Tjaden

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Two Tammen Boys of Flanagan Killed in Action Within 2 Days

Mr. and Mrs. Hanke Tammen of Flanagan, learned Thursday of the death of their second son, within two days.

The death in action of S. Sgt. John G. Tammen April 19, in the Philippines was reported Thursday, they were informed that another son, Pfc. Clarence H. Tammen, died in Germany April 22, three days later.

Pfc. Tammen was born west of Flanagan, March 6, 1924, and he entered service in July, 1943. He was oversea for 10 months and during that time was in England, France and Germany. He attended Flanagan high school and is survived by his parents and two brothers, Corp. Peter Tammen, in Germany; Harry Tammen of Flanagan; two sisters, Mrs. Jennie Knock, Minonk, and Mrs. Emma Matter, Dana.

Date of Death: S. Sgt. John G. Tammen April 19, 1945 - Philippines
Date of Death: Pfc. Clarence H. Tammen April 22, 1945 - Germany

Newspaper: The Metamora Herald
Newspaper Dated: May 25, 1945

Transcribed and donated by Kathleen

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