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Obituaries are one of the best tools available for obtaining genealogy clues, and we are delighted we can be of help with this page. 

Any contributions you could make would be greatly appreciated.

Just include any Woodford County obituary you would like posted in either the body of your E-mail, or as an attachment.  We do need to list your name as donor, as well as the newspaper name and date if they can be identified.

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For Submitting Obituaries


If you are looking for the Surname beginning with the letter:


Obituary, Names A-C
Abel, Edwin O. Baker, Earl A. "Doc" Cable, Mary (Kridner)
Abel, Frederick Baker, Joseph W. Campen, John F.
Abel, Hugh E. Barth, Emma (Moritz) Carls, Anna (Timmerman)
Abel, Wilbur Merle Baumann, Anna M. Carls, Harm
Abels, Lavina (Schmillen) Baumann, Lena (Kettwich) Carlson, Evelyn M. (Carls)
Aeschleman, Cynthia Mae (Fehr) Baumann, Theodore Eilert Carter, James W.
Aeschleman, Mae Ola (Huffman) Bayles, Elmer Earl Christ, Richard E. "Pops"
Aeschleman, Mary Lou (Burns) Bayles, Elmer E. Sr. Claussen, Herman Reinhart
Ahlers, Anna C. Bayles, John William Clodius, Gretje (Ludeman)
Ahlers, Diedrich Carl Beal, Zelda Henrietta (Seggerman) Conrard, Joseph D.
Ahlers, Ella (Hartman) Behrens, Dirk Janssen Cook, Janet E. (Childress)
Ahlers, Louis D. Bell, Ethel M. (Bell) Corbitt, Cleo
Ahlers, Robert H. Bell, George Cordes, Gene W.
Albrecht, Ruth (Schrock) Bell, Roy C. Craig, Stanley Nicholas
Alig, John Adam Bennett, Eugene Crandell, Matilda (Knapp)
Amigoni, Dorothy "Betty" (Meads) Bennington, Delmar D. Crawford, Adelaid (Scott)
Amigoni, Eligio "Eli" Blair, Gladys (Robbins) Crawford, Harry G.
Andrews, James G. Blair, Raymond Cremeens, Raymond H. "Red"
Andrews, Maude Lee (Rucker) Blunier, Henry O. Cremer, Kay (Fosdick)
Antonino, Jennifer L. (Janssen) Bockler, Gertrude L. (Miller) Crout, Nellie
Antons, Carola (Grampp) Boston, Edward  
Armstrong, Lyle E. Boston, Henry  
Arndt, Thomas G. Bowman, Charles  
  Bramer, Eva (Oncken)  
  Bramer, Henry "Hi"  
  Brandt, Esther M. (Kohl)  
  Bridges, William F.  
  Brines, Helen Mae (Peters)  
  Britton, Iva E. (Berg)  
  Broers, Della Pearl (Van Valey)  
  Broers, Elizabeth (Tjaden)  
  Broers, John "Jack" F. Jr.  
  Brooke, Sam  
  Brown, Fannie M. (Woltzen)  
  Brown, Irving E.  
  Brugmann, Mary (Sullivan)  
  Bruhn, Anna P.  (Plachy)  
  Bucklear, Alvina  
  Bucklear, Bridget Elizabeth (Kelly)  
  Buettemeier, Orville H.  
  Bucklear, Joseph Sr.  

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