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The Picture on the Album cover was donated by 

Marjorie Grebner Welsch


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John and Clara Bailey Family


John and Mattie Bayles Family


Conrad and Eva Dubois Family


Oliver and Bessie Leah (Jinings) Ekberg Family


Frank and Angelina Grebner Family

John and Louisa Grebner Family


Henry and Launa Green Family


Joseph and Mary Haas Family


Albert and Anna Janssen Family

Dick and Elske Johnson Family


Henry and Cornelia Jinings Family


Anton and Susanna (Alig) (Rossmann) Kneip


Jacob and Agatha Krumholz  Family


Henry Miller Family

John and Ida Miller Family


James and Amelia Mundell  Family


William and Anna (Woltzen) Oltman


John and Ida Ostler


Epke and Antie Reents


Robert and Mary Render


The Rippel Family


Melvin and Lilly Robbins Family


Lorenz and Katharina Schneider Family


Diedrich "Dick" and Mina "Minnie" Seggermann

Dirk and Almuth Seggerman

Rixte Seggerman and Daughters

Harm and Sena Seggermann Family

Heinrich and Margaretia "Greta" (Everding) Seggerman Family


Tjade and Heimke Tjaden  Family



Sefren and Johanna Waldschmidt  Family


Wiltz Family Home and Noirot-Wiltz Family


Albert and Bernhardina Woltzen Family

Ede Woltzen Homestead

Heinrich and Barbara Woltzen Family

Johann Woltzen Homestead

Woltzen Family Farming


Dillard and Nancy Woosley Family





Alt "Albert" and Anna Janssen Family

Wagon Load o' Janssens

Alt "Albert" Janssen (5th from the left, in the vest), his wife Anna (Ludeman), later Sloter, standing next to him, and their extended family. Identification of the others is proceeding.

About 1895

Alt "Albert"  Janssen


Four youngest children of Alt and Anna (Ludeman) Janssen (The children became "Johnson")

About 1895

left to right:  Bernhard (Ben) Johnson (b 1894)
                     Jasper Johnson (b 1889)
                     Sena Johnson (b 1891)
                     Albert Johnson (b 1887)

Janssens on the Homestead


The same family, and it looks like the same day--at least the ages are the same, as are their clothes.

Janssens on the Homestead

Part II

Alt Janssen, standing on the right next to the dog, with Anna at his side. About 1895

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Donated by Amy Robbins-Tjaden

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Wiltz Family Home

The Dennis Noirot and Mary Wiltz-Noirot Family

Wiltz Family Home

305 West Chatham Street, Metamora

Taken after January 30, 1894 and before March 20, 1895

Close Up of the Family

Those pictured in this photo are from left to right:

1. Lambert "Pat" Otto WILTZ                Father of Ken WILTZ

2. Lambert DIESEL                               Cousin(?) of Clara Rose DIESEL

3. Leroy "Lee" Gilbert WILTZ                Uncle of Ken WILTZ

4. Bertha "Birdie" Anna WILTZ            Aunt of Ken WILTZ

5. Margaret (THEISS) WILTZ               Grandmother of Ken WILTZ

6. Serena "Rena" M. WILTZ                  Aunt of Ken WILTZ

7. Mary J. (FULL) WILTZ-NOIROT        Great grandmother of Ken WILTZ

8. Dennis NOIROT                                  Second husband of Mary Josephine (FULL)

9. Otto Peter WILTZ                                Grand uncle of Ken WILTZ

10. Margaret (WILTZ) DIESEL              Grand aunt of Ken Wiltz

11. Clara Rose DIESEL                         1st Cousin once removed of Ken WILTZ

12. "Grandma" DIESEL                          Grandmother of Clara Rose and Lambert DIESEL

13. Girl in front of "Grandma" DIESEL       Unknown but maybe a sister of Lambert DIESEL

14. Emma D. WILTZ                                 Grand aunt of Ken WILTZ

15. Anna Josephine (WILTZ) CONRARD   Grand aunt of Ken WILTZ

This photograph was taken in front of 305 West Chatham Street, Metamora, Woodford County, IL. It was the WILTZ family home for many years. It was taken after January 30, 1894 and before March 20, 1895, as Clara Rose DIESEL shown as a baby was born on the first date and Margaret (THEISS) WILTZ, also shown, died on the latter date. Note the wooden sidewalk in front of the picket fence. The house has since been replaced.

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Donated by Ken Wiltz

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