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Remember your first day of school?

The smell of chalk and freshly oiled floors?

Or how about the little boy that pulled your pigtails?

The fourth grade teacher you had a crush on?

Sock hops?

Your declamation prize?

Your first kiss?

The big game?

If you enjoyed those things, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Woodford County

 Schools Page

The two header pictures on the left and the one at the bottom were saved by my grandmother.  They were precious to her.

The middle picture is one of a favorite Uncle who coached, taught, and was superintendent of schools in rural Nebraska communities.

The second story fire escape is where in the summer we would "borrow" some waxed paper from our mothers, climb to the top and slide--not too fast at first until the wax built up.  But much faster later, but by then it was too slick to climb to the top.

And that's my High School band.

And the background for this page is the inside cover of my Senior yearbook.  And no, you can't read the signatures.  I blurred them out to protect the innocent. (Me)

If you would like to share similar memories any memorabilia donations would be greatly appreciated.



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Location School Remarks Map Coordinates*
Benson Center School (Historical)    
  Old Benson High School    
Germantown Germantown Grade School    
Germantown Hills Hickory Point School (Historical)   404636N    0892504W
Lowpoint Lowpoint High School    
Metamora Metamora High School   404742N     0892149W
  Morsetown School (Historical) Section 4, Metamora township, 3 1/2 miles northeast of Metamora  
  St. Mary's School   404730N     0892202W
Minonk Minonk Grade School    
  "Minonk Public School"    
Palestine Township Olive Branch School (Historical) 1 1/2 miles east of Secor

Click for map, donated by Dick Mayne

404410N   0890547W
Secor Secor Schools    


* The map coordinates were compiled from the USG Geographic Names Information System, and have been confirmed from other sources wherever possible.  In the event of conflict between the other sources, the Government coordinates have been retained until further confirmation is found. Any contributions would be welcome.


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