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For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Surnames pages, they are great places--for both amateur and experienced researchers.

Just send me your name, the names of the Illinois families you are researching and your E-mail address.  I'll post them all here. Other researchers who may be interested in the same families can then get in direct contact with you.

I can tell you from experience that Surname pages are a great way to find lost cousins, or to find cousins you don't even know you have.  And the responses I have gotten from cousins and other researchers have helped greatly to expand my family tree.

So just send your information and I'll be glad to post it.

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Submit your Surnames

If you are looking for the Surname beginning with the letter:


  Surnames  Researcher E-Mail Address
A Adams Dorothy Louis   Dorothy's  E-Mail
ADAMS William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
ALLISON Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
AMERINE Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
ARMSTRONG Emily Armstrong Emily's E-Mail
ARNOLD Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
ARTHUR Jim Macrander Jim's  E-Mail
ASCOTT Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
ayelts Carolynn Eilts Carolyn's  E-Mail
AYERS Ellen Rowan Taylor Ellen's  E-Mail
B BABB Nancy Mundell Nancy's  E-Mail
BABER Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
BAILEY Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
BAKER   Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
BAKER   Jacqueline Sabharwal Jacki's  E-Mail
BAKER  (Metamora area) Jim Hornickel Jim's E-Mail
BALDWIN Bette Bette's E-Mail
BARFOOT Teri Odell Teri's E-Mail
Bayles Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Beddeo Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
BEELER Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
BENSON Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
BERGMANN Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
BETTILON / BETTELYUNE (Spring Bay area) Jim Hornickel Jim's E-Mail
Blair Wendy K Young Wendy's  E-Mail
BLUM Larry Hagemann Larry's  E-Mail
BONHAM Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
BRADLE Jacqueline Sabharwal Jacki's  E-Mail
BRAUER Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
BRAUER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
BRAUN Wendy Braun Simpson Wendy's E-Mail
BREMER Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
BREMER (BRAMER, BREMMER, BREMMERS) Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
BROAD William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
BROERS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Brokaw Bill Wilson Bill's E-Mail
BROWN Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
BUCKINGHAM Roger Hanneman Roger's  E-Mail
BUETTEMEIER Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
BURT Susanne Danubio Susanne's  E-Mail
C CAPRON Peggy Donahoo Peggy's E-Mail
CARPENTER Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
CAUSEY Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
CLARK Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Cline     Bill Wilson Bill's E-Mail
COLBURN Ellen Rowan Taylor Ellen's  E-Mail
CONLON William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
Connors Susan Sheehan Susan's E-Mail
COON    Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Cramer Wendy Hill Young Wendy's  E-Mail
Crocker Tom Loveless Tom's  E-Mail
CROUCH Dave Crouch Dave's  E-Mail
CRYER Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail

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D DAVIDSON Rebecca Rebecca's  E-Mail
Davitt Dave Tyler Dave's  E-Mail
Deever Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
DE FREESE Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
DeGroot Bill DeGroot Bill's  E-Mail
Dehority Wendy K Young Wendy's  E-Mail
DITTO Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
DOBSON Susan Gross Susan's  E-Mail
DOLLET Liliane White Liliane's  E-Mail
DORNBUSH Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
DOURLAIN Liliane White Liliane's  E-Mail
Draper Tom Tweddale Tom's E-Mail
Drennen Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
E Eckstein Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
EICHHORN Camila VanOppen Camila's  E-Mail
Eilts Carolynn Eilts Carolyn's  E-Mail
Linda Thompson   Linda's  E-Mail
EVANS   Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
EVEY Chris Evey Chris's  E-Mail
F FANDEL Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
FARRELL Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
FLOHR Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
FOLKERS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
FOLKERTS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
FRERICHS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
FURSMAN Cat Cat's E-Mail

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G Gaisford Cindy Pickard Cindy's E-Mail
Gassner Wendy K Young Wendy's  E-Mail
GASTMAN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
GASTMANN Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
GENOWAYS Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
GERDES Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Gerdes Laraine Wilson Wessels Laraine's  E-Mail
GERST Marjorie Grebner Welsch Marjorie's E-Mail
GISH Charlene Gish Charlene's E-Mail
GOINGS Jerrie Wright Jerrie's E-Mail
Goucher Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
GRANT Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
GREBNER Marjorie Grebner Welsch Marjorie's E-Mail
GREBNER Cindy Evans Cindy's  E-Mail
GREBNER Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
GREEN             Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Greener Dorothy Louis Dorothy's  E-Mail
GREINER Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
GRIFFIN Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
Grove(s) Janet Milburn Janet's E-Mail
H Haas Rebecca Pfister Rebecca's  E-Mail
HACKWORTH Jim Macrander Jim's  E-Mail
HAINES Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
Hanna David Crouch David's  E-Mail
HARMS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
HARMS Norm Nesheim  Norm's  E-Mail
HAYS/HAYES Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
HARTZELL Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Hefler Judy Wilson Judy's E-Mail
Heinrich /Henry Diane Domino Diane's E-Mail
Heitz Marcia Souba McDermott Marcia's E-Mail
HELLER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
HENSEL  (Piatt Co.)          Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
Hill Wendy Hill Young Wendy's  E-Mail
HOLLENBACK LouAnn Cameron LouAnn's E-Mail
HOLZINGER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
HOOVER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
HUGHES Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
HUGUET Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
HUNGERFORD Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
Hull Rick Covic Rick's  E-Mail
I IOERGER (alternate spelling JOERGER) Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
Irons Bill Wilson Bill's E-Mail

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J JANSSEN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Jeck Pat Ball Pat's  E-Mail
JENNINGS/JININGS Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
JININGS/JENNINGS Keith F. Lindgren Keith's  E-Mail
JOERGER (alternate spelling IOERGER) Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
JOHNSON Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Johnson Dorothy Louis Dorothy's  E-Mail
Jones Bob Butler Bob's E-Mail
Jury Tom Tweddale Tom's E-Mail
K KAISER Kelly Lynch Kelly's E-Mail
KALB Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
KELLY Karen Muhlstadt Karen's E-Mail
Kelso Alice Dierker Alice's  E-Mail
Kerker Marcia Souba McDermott Marcia's E-Mail
KerN Kelly Lynch Kelly's E-Mail
KIESEWETTER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
KIRBY Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
KISER Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Kleeman (Klaman) Linda English Linda's  E-Mail
Kominski Dorothy Louis  Dorothy's  E-Mail
KRIDNER Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Kunkel / Kounkel Diane Domino Diane's E-Mail
KUNKLER (KONKLER) Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
L LANG (LANGE) Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Larson Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
Laughlin Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
LEISTNER Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
LEMAN Jerry Leman Jerry's  E-Mail
LEWIS Linda Livingstone Linda's E-Mail
LEWIS Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
LEYS Chris Evey Chris's  E-Mail
Lockwood Cindy Pickard Cindy's E-Mail
LOSER Camila VanOppen Camila's  E-Mail
Loveless Tom Loveless Tom's  E-Mail
LUCAS Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
LUDEMAN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
LüDEMANN (Ludemann, Luedemann, Ludeman) Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
LUDWIG Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Lutomski Dorothy Louis Dorothy's  E-Mail
LYNCH Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
M MACRANDER Jim Macrander Jim's  E-Mail
Magee Wendy K Young Wendy's  E-Mail
Marchand Diane Domino Diane's E-Mail
MARTIN Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
Maxwell Tom Loveless Tom's  E-Mail
MAXWELL Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
MEYERS William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
McCAULEY Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
McCLOUD Pat Ball Pat's  E-Mail
McCORD Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
McCUNE Jan Linden Jan's  E-Mail
McFADDIN/McFADDEN Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail

 (Both the 1st & 2nd 'a' are interchangeable with an 'o' &/or 'e'.)

Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
MICHAEL Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
MILLER Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
MINNICK   Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
MISHLER Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
Monk Cindy Evans Cindy's  E-Mail
Monk David Thormahlen David's  E-Mail
MOONEY   Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
MOORE Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
Moritz Laraine Wilson Wessels Laraine's  E-Mail
MOULTON Linda Livingstone Linda's E-Mail
MUELLER (Müller) Marjorie Grebner Welsch Marjorie's E-Mail
Mulheron Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
MUNDELL Nancy Mundell Nancy's  E-Mail
MURRAY Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail

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N Neumann Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
NORTH Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Nutt Judy Wilson Judy's E-Mail
O O'Brien Debbie O'Brien Debbie's  E-Mail
OATMAN Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
OLTMAN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
ONCKEN Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
Onken Linda English Linda's  E-Mail
Onken Laraine Wilson Wessels Laraine's  E-Mail
Onnen Erich Onnen  Erich's  E-Mail
ORY Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
P PALM Eugenia Vogel Eugenia's E-Mail
Parker Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
PARROTT Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
PAYNE Peggy Donahoo Peggy's E-Mail
PEARCE Ken Wiltz Ken's  E-Mail
Pelley Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
Pfeister and Pfister Rebecca Pfister Rebecca's  E-Mail
Phillips Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Pickard Cindy Pickard Cindy's E-Mail
Pifer Pat Ball Pat's  E-Mail
POTTER Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Powers Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail

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R Rabo Diane Domino Diane's E-Mail
RATCLIFF Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Ray Dave Tyler Dave's  E-Mail
REDIGER Judy Rediger Judy's E-Mail
Reed Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Reising Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
REMMERS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Render Alice Dierker Alice's  E-Mail
REWERTS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
REYNOLDS Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
Reynolds Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
Richardson Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
ROBBINS Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
ROBERTS Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
ROBESON Keith F. Lindgren Keith's  E-Mail
ROBINSON Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
ROBINSON Ellen Rowan Taylor Ellen's  E-Mail
ROBISON Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
ROGERS Nancy Mundell Nancy's  E-Mail
ROGGE Michael Rogge Michael's  E-Mail
Rohman Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
Rowan Ellen Rowan Taylor Ellen's  E-Mail
RUBLE Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
Rucker Cindy Pickard Cindy's E-Mail
Russell Tom Tweddale Tom's E-Mail
S SAATHOFF Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
SAFFORD Cat Cat's E-Mail
SANDIFER Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
SAUFAUS Nancy Albritton Nancy's E-Mail
SCHMITT/SMITH (Metamora area) Jim Hornickel Jim's E-Mail
SCHNEIDER Marjorie Grebner Welsch Marjorie's E-Mail
Schilch (Zilch) Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
Schwenk Marcia Souba McDermott Marcia's E-Mail
Schwenk Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
SEGGERMAN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
SEGGERMANN Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
SEIFERT Pat Watson Pat's  E-Mail
Sharpe (SHARP) Alice Dierker Alice's  E-Mail
SIMON Marjorie Grebner Welsch Marjorie's E-Mail
Skinner Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
SLOTER Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
SMITH (Minonk) William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
Souba Marcia Souba McDermott Marcia's E-Mail
SPEER Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
SPERRY Ken Drennen Ken's E-Mail
STEPHENS Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
Janet Milburn
Janet's E-Mail
Janet Milburn
Janet's E-Mail
Stiteler/STITLER Donna Carnall Donna's  E-Mail
STODDARD William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
STOWELL Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
SUNKEN Donna Miller Donna's  E-Mail
Sutton Rebecca Pfister Rebecca's  E-Mail
Janet Milburn
Janet's E-Mail


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T TAMMEN Kathleen Kathleen's  E-Mail
Tanton Tom Tweddale Tom's E-Mail
TAYLOR Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
TAYLOR Bette Bette's E-Mail
TAYLOR Wendy K Young Wendy's  E-Mail
THEENA Larry Hagemann Larry's  E-Mail
Theiss Ken Wiltz Ken's  E-Mail
THOMPSON Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
Thormahlen David Thormahlen David's  E-Mail
THRALLS Nancy Mundell Nancy's  E-Mail
TJADEN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Tobias Dave Tyler Dave's  E-Mail
TRUITT Bob Butler Bob's E-Mail
Truitt Tom Loveless Tom's  E-Mail
TUCKER Doug Tucker Doug's E-Mail
Tweddale Tom Tweddale Tom's E-Mail
V Van Scyoc Michael Rust Michael's E-Mail
Vilven Cindy Pickard Cindy's E-Mail
Volk Cindy Evans Cindy's  E-Mail
Voorhees Bill Wilson Bill's E-Mail
Vosberg Linda English Linda's  E-Mail

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WALD William D. Pearson William's  E-Mail
Wall Susan Sheehan Susan's E-Mail
wallace Glenn Holzhauser Glenn's E-Mail
WARNER Kris Murray Kris'  E-Mail
WARNKE Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
WARNKES Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
WEST Jim Macrander Jim's  E-Mail
WEST Shirley Jennings Weber   Shirley's  E-Mail
WESTERMAN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
Whorrall Pat Ellis Pat's  E-Mail


Cindy Evans Cindy's  E-Mail
Willard Dorothy Louis Dorothy's  E-Mail
WILLIAMS Carrie Bergquist Carrie's  E-Mail
WILLIAMSON  (Piatt Co.)  Marie-Frances Bayles Marie's  E-Mail
Wilson Bill Wilson Bill's E-Mail
Wiltz Ken Wiltz Ken's  E-Mail
Wilz Ken Wiltz Ken's  E-Mail
WOLTZEN Amy Robbins-Tjaden Amy's  E-Mail
WOOSLEY Dale Woosley Dale's  E-Mail
WORTHINGTON Donna Springer Donna's  E-Mail
Z Zilch (Schilch) Linda Todd Linda's E-Mail
Zinser Dave Tyler Dave's  E-Mail

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